How to apply information security controls in teleworking accor

  • ISO 27001 Certification in Kuwait teleworking, which is nothing but a scenario where employees of an organization work from home, is becoming very common and an acceptable way of doing business nowadays. This method also facilitates reduction in the cost of the respective organization. But, such a beneficial method does have some drawbacks, leading to risk of information security of an organization. 

    What exactly is teleworking?

    The meaning of teleworking has a vivid area of authors concluding to just the below two common statements in their meanings;

    • Firstly, the employees are outside the organizations environment,
    • Secondly, the information of the organization has to be completely secured and to be linked to the organization.

    From the above two final outcomes, there is a possibility for the following few circumstances to be seen;

    • Employees of the organization work either at home or at coffee shops, hotels, etc., but not the organization.
    • Employees use either PC's, notebooks, smartphones, tablets, etc.
    • Employees use either internet or extranet.

    After knowing the above situations, it becomes very difficult  to identify where is the information of the organization at risk.

    Risks associated to teleworking.

    After knowing the exact circumstances of teleworking, the following risks could be raised in certainity;

    • ISO 27001 Certification in Hyderabad the employees friends or family may get access to the device or book being used by the employee and may see the irrelevant or sensitive information of the organization.
    • The book or any other hardcopy material being used by the employee could be stolen or lost.
    • The device being used by the employee could also be stolen or lost.
    • Wherein the device lost could also be used to gain information of the organization which actually had to be kept safe and secured.
    • During the transfer of information from the organization to the device of the employee, the information could be intercepted.
    • The internet connection channel can also be intercepted and information can be accessed.
    • An outdated device can also be used to invade the organizations sensitive information.
    • There is also a possibility to get access to the information from the organizations environment without anyone’s knowledge.

    Most importantly, its quite certain that devices or books might get lost but its nature of functionality increases the amount of risk.

    Applying ISO 27001 controls to teleworking.

     ISO 27001 Consultants in Bangalore, a leading international standard that describes how to manage information security, can be used to help protect information in conditions of teleworking.

    This standard can be used to form rules to be implemented for safeguarding the transfer of information;

    Such as:

    • Who should work from home as in telework, and who shouldn't.
    • What will be the services available for the teleworkers.
    • What kind of information be accessed through internet or extranet for teleworking by employees.
    • What kind of security measures should be taken for safety reasons.
    • How should devices be protected.

    Keep information secure, even away from the organization.

    No matter wherever a person works, its quite certain that teleworking would be exercised. The reason being that more and more professionals can be contacted from throughout the world.

    But by exposure of the organizations rules and regulations and also its diverse systems, there does exist risk of information and communication channels leading to need for precautionary measures. Therefore, ISO 27001 can help and does help with its highly developed standards, in the safety of information and also makes teleworking more advantageous with the lowest amount of risk involved.

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