Modular On Site Detention System Vs Block & Slab

  • ​Traditionally, OSD installers have heavily relied on ‘block and slab’ solutions to build On Site Detention tanks and systems.

     As the necessity for On Site Detention systems has increased, so too has the reliance on those traditional labour and time-intensive block and slab detention tanks. And, as with all demand increases, the costs have increased for slab work, block walls, suspended roofing and waterproofing

    ​More importantly the on site occupational health and safety requirements have made it more onerous for builders and contractors – this has also lead to increasing costs as well as the need for considerably more manpower and paperwork for Project Managers on site.


    Builders and contractors are fast becoming busier in the ever-growing markets of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast – time becomes a major asset and lost time costs big money. Open excavations, delayed contractors, bad weather Australia regularly experiences, and the need to find additional components for block and slab systems can all combine to negatively impact building costs and efficiencies.


    To counteract the deficiencies of Block & Slab, the Australian Tanks heavy duty trafficable detention systems consist of 7,000 litre or 12,000 litre rectangular tanks which are easily interconnected in multiples to create any volume quickly and very cost effectively. Every system is certifiable, with increasing numbers of engineers incorporating our system into their design.


    The Solution


    Over the past three years Australian Tanks has developed and refined an EASY, FAST & COST EFFECTIVE solution to On Site Detention.


    The ATQ7000 modular system can be installed with all On Site Detention requirements in place, delivered to site pre-cured and with no waterproofing needed, and ready for an install that takes hours, not weeks or months.


    Our heavy duty trafficable detention system consists of one, or multiple, 7,000 litre anti-floatation rectangular tanks that are easily interconnected to create any volume quickly and cost effectively. With a lower internal height, the ATQ7000 tank is perfect for shallow requirements of many small On Site Detention systems.


    Every ATQ7000 system can be engineer certified, with increasing numbers of engineers incorporating our system into their On Site Detention designs. The systems can arrive with weir walls, filtration, penetrations, trash screens, ladders, risers, manholes, drainage holes and orifice plates in place and can be installed and connected ready for backfill within the same day.


    These systems are designed for small to medium capacities and compete extremely favorably with alternative precast or built-on-site systems. Additionally, the lifecycle costs measure well against alternatives as they are very easy to access, clean and maintain.


    Due to the massive success of the modular system and the significant civil engineer support of the ATQ7000 system, Australian Tanks was proud to recently launch the ATQ12000 system – a larger and more robust 12,000 litre modular tank that can achieve even more substantial and deeper detention solutions in the same EASY, FAST AND COST EFFECTIVE way at an even lower per litre price than the ATQ7000.


    If you are interested in finding out more about either the ATQ7000 or the ATQ12000 systems, please call one of our civil design and business development specialists so they can assist you to develop a CAD driven design for your On Site Detention system.


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