Say About The OEM Speedometer For Sale

  • When driving on the road, besides staring at the situation on the road, the most important thing for the car owner is the speed of the car. The speed of the car directly determines the safety of driving. Is the speed displayed on the dashboard the real speed of your car?

    1. The vehicle speed displayed on the dashboard is not the real speed. Our company has been OEM speedometer for salefor a long time, and I am responsible to explain to you that: in most cases, the speed displayed on the dashboard is not the true speed of the car. The vehicle speed displayed on many dashboards is higher than the actual speed. For example, the displayed speed is 90Km/h. In fact, the actual speed is less than 90Km/h, and may be between 87-89Km/h. The reason for this design is mainly for the purpose of warning and ensuring driving safety. The national standard "Speedometer for Automobiles" stipulates that the speed indicated by the speedometer shall not be lower than the actual speed, and the relationship between the indicated speed and the actual speed shall be "0≤indicated speed-actual speed ≤ actual speed/10+4km/h" formula. It can neither be lower than the actual speed, nor far greater than the actual speed.
    2. How does the trip computer calculate the speed? It needs a vehicle speed signal. When the signal is input to the driving computer, it passes through a program preset in the computer to obtain a data after calculation, and then output to the instrument, which is finally displayed on the instrument, which is the speed we see. From the car's ABS system. The basis of ABS control is the rotation speed of each wheel. There is a sensor on each wheel to detect the rotation speed of the wheel. The speed signal required by the trip computer comes from here. The speed signal of some older models comes from the speed sensor on the output shaft of the gearbox. The speed of the vehicle can be calculated by the speed of the gear of the gearbox and the radius of the tire.

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