Lcd Speedometer Enhances Driving Pleasure

  • Now the automotive industry is also closely following the development of science and technology. Many of our cars now have LCD speedometers. Compared with traditional mechanical dials, the design and technology are full of sense, and they are more and more dazzling. Today, I will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of LCD speedometer.

    The first point is that the lcd speedometer looks more upscale, you can feel the sense of technology when you sit in it, and the visual effect is very prominent, just like a large phablet, very cool, and this is its most intuitive benefit. I believe that some friends choose lcd speedometer because of its appearance.

    The second point is that there are more styles of lcd speedometers. We can remotely upgrade the car through the Internet, and we can do many kinds of tricks. Our traditional mechanical instrument panel is composed of a tachometer and an hourly speed. It will feel more boring, but the color of the LCD instrument panel is richer, which can bring us different pleasures to drive.

    The third point is that the lcd speedometer has more functions. The pointer meter of the mechanical instrument panel has a relatively large area, and it only displays the speed, rotation speed and water temperature of the car. However, the LCD instrument panel can also display voltage, road conditions, and even the weather, etc. According to the needs of the car itself, the LCD speedometer will remind the owner of what needs to be done. Lots of help.

    Fourth, the lcd speedometer also has a special mode, which is the sports mode. When the sports mode is turned on, the instrument will show red, allowing the driver to feel the battle information, creating a special driving environment, which can improve the mood of our driver.

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