What is the damage to the Motorcycle Speedometer?

  • The Motorcycle Speedometer is not a complicated part. They consist of a speedometer and a cable that connects the indicator to the adjustment hub on the front wheel. Some motorcycles have electronic speedometers that need to be calibrated and serviced by a trained technician. Problems with mechanical speedometers are usually caused by a faulty display or a used cable. If the meter is not damaged, a simple procedure can solve the problem.

    Pull the cable end off center and check the square end of the cable. If it breaks or the edges are rounded, the cable needs to be replaced. If the end of the cable breaks, the broken part is most likely in the hub. Use a sewing needle or other small object to work on the broken part of the speedometer.

    Rotate the speedometer to the left with the clip and disconnect the speedometer connecting cable from the bottom of the speedometer. Pull the end of the speedometer cable. Remove any cable guides from the motorcycle fork or handlebar. The type of motorcycle determines the type of rail and the tools needed for removal.

    Apply some grease to the square end of the cable and insert it into the hub of the speedometer front wheel. Connect the cable to the bottom of the speedometer and the top of the unit to the speedometer. Tighten the connection with pliers. Replace the speedometer cable guide.

    Disconnect the cable from the bottom of the speedometer. Use a metric wrench to loosen the nut on the handlebar that holds the speed surface plate in place. Remove the speedometer and place it on the workbench. Use a metric wrench or a small screwdriver to remove the back cover of the speedometer. The type of speedometer determines the correct tool to use.

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