A Tire Repair Kit Is a Must

  •     There was a time when punctures were very common, but today's durable components and better tires have reduced the incidence of punctures. That doesn't mean they don't happen anymore. That's why it's important to carry emergency puncture tire repair tools with you, and there are some key things you need to keep in mind when it comes to repairing your tires. Let's look at those key things.

        Don't let a flat tire take your life. Yes, a puncture can only prove to be extremely deadly if you make the grave mistake of changing a tire in traffic. You might like the rim, but it's better to break the rim in order to get to a safer place than to keep your car in the way of traffic. Pullover to a safer place, then fix your tires

        Make sure the spare parts kept with the car are air-filled and not old. You might use an old, rotten tire because it looks good and holds air. But when you screw it on, restart your car, and start driving away, the old, rotten tire will burst, and you'll find yourself again with a tire problem to fix. If you don't have a suitable spare tire, you can use our Tire Mobility Kit as it will get you back on the road without the need for a spare tire.

       Get your car to a repair shop quickly. Because the tread of the spare tire is newer compared to the tread of the other three tires. This difference in tread can cause safety issues and affect drivability

        When you experience a flat tire, your natural reaction is to replace the tire as soon as possible. But before you can get to work, you need to drive to level ground. If you don't, the car may fall off the jack after you jack it up and remove the flat tire. Another important thing is to set the electronic brakes before jacking up the car.

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