Air Hoses Are Mainly Used For Ventilation Technology And Pneuma

  •    Air hoses are very common in our lives, and most of them can be divided into PU air hoses, rubber air hoses, nylon air hoses, and PVC air hoses. Let's talk about PVC air hoses. It is the most common and economical choice for general air transfer applications. Use black or clear colored compounds as inner tube material for high thermal stability. PVC air hoses have the characteristics of lightweight, kink resistance, and good flexibility, and are widely used in compressed air delivery, ventilation technology, pneumatic tools, and other fields.

    Another feature of PVC air hoses is that they can be made into a variety of bright colors. Such as clear, red, blue, yellow, etc., or other recognizable colors to avoid tripping on the job site.

    Its main product performance has seven points:

    1. Lightweight and economical
    2. Non-toxic, odorless, and harmless
    3. Non-damaged, wear-resistant cover
    4. High flexibility, excellent kink resistance
    5. Good corrosion resistance and aging resistance
    6. High pressure and tensile strength
    7. Available in various sizes and colors

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