• We are anAIR TOOLS ACCESSORIES Manufacturers, let’s introduce the reasons for the failure of pneumatic tools not to turn

      1. The motor does not rotate: sundries in the motor part, bea、ring damage, burnout

      Solution: Decompose, refurbish and replace with new parts

      2. Insufficient air when the switch does not move: the valve stem is bent or rusted, and the piping is poor

      Solution: Replace the pipeline with new parts

      Causes of air leakage

      1. No rotation, but air leakage from the vent: There is debris on the valve seat and the O-shaped rubber ring is damaged

      Solution: Clear, repair and replace

      Causes of low capacity failure

      1. Slow rotation: Low pressure and insufficient air flow. The speed control knob is adjusted incorrectly.

      Treatment method: check and confirm

      2. The motor's rotating force is weak or the sound is poor: insufficient oil, bearing wear, fan blades, cylinder front and rear covers, rotor wear or rust, burnout, etc.

      Treatment method: oil injection, replacement of new parts, decomposition and refurbishment

      Causes of non-stop failure

      1. The switch does not bounce back: the valve stem is bent, rusted, the valve stem is damaged, deformed, the valve seat is damaged, and there is debris on the valve seat

      Solution: Replace with new parts, replace with new parts and repair. Clear

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