Tip for Researching Process in Law Assignments

  • If you ask a law assignment “What is the difficult thing you face while working on law assignment?”, the answer will be finding good sources. Even the most eminent law assignment help services in the UK agrees that law students struggle most with the research process. This is why today we will show you some steps in researching your legal writing. 

    • Identify the type and purpose of the assignment

    Online law assignment writers suggest your initial step to be finding out what kind of legal writing is required for your law assignment. For that, you need to read the assignment question thoroughly and carefully. Break down the question and discuss with your law professor if required. You need to find the law that applies to the legal question.

    • Go through law librarians

    Several law libraries are offering online tutorials and guides. They can be an excellent place to search for research materials. This usually happens after digging through Wikipedia article. Your school or local library will be your best source.

    Armed with Wikipedia knowledge, start searching for relevant sources to your topic. This may require a bit of effort and time, but the result will be worthy.

    • Check the authenticity of the sources

    When it comes to secondary sources, you cannot expect everything you find online to be authentic. But you might wonder how to find authoritative sources? You are required to find sources that are cited by most other sources. You will require doing a bit of researching before you find these. You will get to see a pattern of references as you start several sources. You will need to follow the pattern.


    • Consult an expert

    Suppose you are unable to find enough resources on the topic or not sure about the authenticity of the sources. In that case, you can always consult a law assignment expert who can guide you and recommend you a few reliable research sources.

    • Mix up the research sources

    If you want to find interesting, unique and noteworthy research sources, you will have to go beyond the traditional sources. Few types of source are sound recordings, letters, scholarly journals. Newspaper articles, an edited collection of essays, personal interviews, google books, film, TV, video recordings.

    Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind while researching for your law assignment. Make sure you apply all the tips listed above.