Major Facts About Harvard Referencing

  • Harvard is quite a popular referencing format among high school and college students all over the UK. Some of you may even use online Harvard referencing style generators to get this section task as per the right format. The right referencing reflects the intellectual honesty of your work. It also proves the plagiarism-free nature of your work. If you are new to Harvard referencing, this blog is perfect for you.

    Definition of Harvard Referencing

    Harvard referencing is suitable for different types of academic writings. You can also use a Harvard reference generator if you find it hard to cite all the sources within your urgent deadlines. This style is strictly based on the author-date system.

    How to write in-text citations and reference lists for different authors?

    Whether you use a quote or a paraphrased work, referencing is mandatory. Online Harvard bibliography generators/tools are there in case you get confused with all the new rules.

    Remember these pointers while writing the in-text citations & reference lists:

    • You may use the name of the original author of a source in your assignment. In that case, mention the publication year of the work followed by the author’s name within parentheses.

    Example: Robert (1994) conducted a survey based on the effects of…

    • Now let’s say you have to refer to a work in the text of your paper. In that case, place the author’s name and the publication year in first brackets.

    Example: The survey specifically proved a correlation between the results (Robert 1994)

    • All the sources you cite in the in-text citations should be mentioned in the reference lists as well. Thus, proofread your citations and reference lists thoroughly before sending your copy in.
    • You also need to sources that supported your research but isn’t included in the work.

    You may not get the hang of these rules at once especially when you are following the format initially. Don’t worry; take your time and get help from coursework writing service whenever you want. Follow the right format accordingly. Good Luck.