The SWOT Analysis of Kraft Foods Inc.

  • Kraft Food Inc. is one of the biggest food processing and grocery conglomerates in the world. Headquartered in Illinois, the US, it has a number of popular brands, such as Cadbury's, Maxwell House, Jello and Heinz, under its umbrella. This is why a lot of B-schools ask their students to work on Kraft foods case study to understand their business strategies. However, if you are looking for Kraft foods case study help, you can get some crucial information here.

    Kraft Foods SWOT Analysis

    To better understand the operations and strategies of Kraft Foods, let’s discuss the SWOT analysis of the company.


    • Content Marketing:

    Kraft foods inc. was one of the pioneers in content marketing, and they continue to use this form of marketing to their advantage till date. Their CRM initiatives are one of their strengths.

    • Successful mergers:

    Kraft foods has been a part of a number of successful mergers with companies like Cadbury’s and Heinz, who are leaders in their segment.


    • Poor coverage in Europe and India:

    While the company has a strong grip over the US market, it lacks prominence in the European market as well as the emerging economies such as India.

    • Too many products:

    The company is overburdened with too many products. Also, due to a large product portfolio, they are struggling to innovate with the products.


    • High scope for food processing in an emerging market:

    India is one of the most potential markets for processed food as the average per capita in the country is increasing. Also, the availability of raw materials will be helpful.

    • Changes in the consumption pattern:

    In the emerging economies, the habits are changing with respect to the western lifestyle. Processed food is a big part of that lifestyle.


    • Competition:

    Kraft Foods is facing stiff competition from big names such as Nestle, P&G, etc.

    • Cost fluctuation:

    The food processing industry is reliant on the raw materials, which are mostly farmed. The excessive cost fluctuation of raw material is a serious issue.

    Hopefully, these details will help you improve your knowledge as a Kraft foods case study help writer.