Logo Design Mistakes- Your Business Should Avoid at All Cost

  • Your business logo is one of the best ways for your clients to instantly recognize and identify your brand. No matter what specific industry you belong to, using a simple and exact logo is important to have an instant recognition among your clients. Not putting enough or too much thought into your logo design can lead to the ultimate downfall of your business.

    If you want to give your company a good branding that your target market will instantly notice even from a far distance, there are several logo design mistakes you have to avoid to save yourself from falling into their trap that can lead to your business’s demise:

    Designing Your Logo For Yourself Instead of Your Customers

    Don’t forget that you make your logo for your customers’ benefits, not for yourself. Just because you find it cool doesn’t necessarily mean that your clients will also find it call. If there is one thing you have to keep in mind, it is that you shouldn’t be imposing your own personality into your business logo. What you should be doing is imposing the personality of your company in a more likeable light for your clients.

    Relying Too Much on Colors

    Your business logo must be instantly familiar even if it is in grayscale. A lot of designers tend to be overzealous when it comes to colors and they can’t wait to put them to use. Although color is basically fine, this must never be the key selling point of the logo. In order to avoid it, first, try creating your logo in white and black then consider designing it in color.

    Designing an Excessively Complicated Logo

    It is better to make your logo as simple as possible. A business logo filled with a lot of colors, graphics, or with so many things going on is going to lose its recognizability right away. You also have to remember that if your logo has been sized down to make it smaller for prints and other purposes, it will lose most of the details you have put in it.

    Copying Existing Logos

    There is nothing wrong with taking inspiration from existing logos. However, you have to remember the importance of designing your business logo outside the box. It will never help your brand if you just copy logos of other businesses. Instead of making people recognize it, they will just see who you are trying to copy. This will never represent your business as your logo will simply remind people of another business.

    Using Several Fonts

    This last mistake follows the rule of keeping it simple. Users can get confused when they see a lot of fonts all at the same time, bringing confusion to your brand. Aside from the importance of choosing just one font, you also have to choose the appropriate font. Pick something which best reflects your business and sits properly with your clients.

    To avoid these mistakes, make sure you hire a reliable company that specializes in logo designs that will surely stand out from the rest.