Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine(CJK0635) Purchase guide

  • With the continuous development of the machinery industry, CNC machine tools have become an important processing tool in modern industry. Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine(CJK0635) is one of them, which is applied to the mass production of mechanical parts and parts processing. By controlling the movement of the machine tool axis through the computer, the machining position, speed and machining depth of the machine tool are controlled. According to the workpiece size, shape, material and processing accuracy requirements of programming, control the feed system, spindle system, etc., so as to carry out rough machining, semi-finishing and finishing and other processes, so as to greatly improve the processing quality and efficiency.

    Shopping guide

    1. Quality

    Pay attention to the quality of the equipment, the selection of reliable quality equipment can avoid failure and damage during use. For the manufacturers and sellers of equipment reputation requirements are also very high, you can consult the same industry or users, compare the quality, go to the regular manufacturers to buy.

    2. Performance

    Pay attention to its performance indicators. Mainly including workbench area, stroke, speed, repeated positioning accuracy, processing depth, etc., should be selected and considered according to their own production needs and the size and shape of the processing object. You can compare different brands of equipment models, choose their own performance standards.

    3. Software

    Generally speaking, the program software, operation interface, data transmission and data processing procedures are provided by the manufacturer. When purchasing equipment, it should be understood whether the manufacturer has software technical support capabilities, and the software system should have stability, reliability, and the ability to easily achieve reliable data transmission and information transmission to meet the needs of daily operation and maintenance.

    4. Maintenance and security

    After the machine is used, it needs to be maintained and overhauled. Therefore, when purchasing, it is necessary to understand its after-sales service quality and maintenance and maintenance methods. Only by ensuring the correct maintenance of the machine tool, the machine tool can maintain a good running state for a long time.

    In short, choosing the right Full Automatic Hydraulic Machine(CJK0635) is very critical, and many factors should be considered. These factors include quality, performance, software, after-sales support, after understanding these factors, you can choose their own, so as to improve the efficiency of machining work.

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