How to choose benchtop wire edm machine supply

  • benchtop wire edm machine supply is an important thing for the normal operation of wire cutting machine tools, only the quality of molybdenum wire is good, the speed of machine operation will be fast, the power will be high! So how do you choose benchtop wire edm machine supply? Gusu Norma electromechanical teach you to look at 3 places.

    1, look at the packaging of molybdenum wire, usually good manufacturers of good quality molybdenum wire packaging is very good. Molybdenum wire packaging plastic bags are vacuum packaging, can moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, without any damage;

    2, look at the luster of molybdenum wire, good molybdenum wire color is relatively deep, the elasticity of molybdenum wire is strong, will not be easy to break, strong electrical corrosion resistance, durable.

    3, look at the standard of molybdenum wire, regular manufacturers of molybdenum wire are through the ISO9001 certification, see if it is a qualified symbol. Look at the diameter and length of the molybdenum wire, usually the diameter of the molybdenum wire is normal at 0.18MM, and the length is 2400 feet. This is not fixed, depending on the type of equipment.

    benchtop wire edm machine supply