Common pests found during inspections

  • GC Pest Control are fully qualified to provide pest inspections on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas.

    For many years’ home owners have trusted GC Pest Control to ensure one of the most expensive purchases in their life time, the family home, is safe from pests and we also offer building inspections to ensure the building is structurally sound.

    Along the way in conducting pest and building inspections, GC Pest Control come across a number of common pests such as:

    • Cockroaches
    • Spiders
    • Ants
    • Rodents

    Pests we see that may seriously affect the outcome of your pest and or building inspection include:

    • Termites
    • Wood Borers

    These invasive pests can affect the structural integrity of a property and you should be forewarned if proceeding with a purchase of a property that has an infestation of these pests.

    At GC Pest Control we can’t stress enough the importance of undertaking a pest and building inspection to save you from financial heartache and to have complete confidence in your major purchase.

    If you engage GC Pest Control to complete a pest inspection or a pest and building inspection, you will receive a Building Inspection Report and a Timber Pest Inspection Report, both compliant to Australian Standards. We also include photos outlining any findings and any problem areas or areas of concern. The reports will provide recommendations regarding the problem areas found and the removal of conducive conditions, if any, and a free quote for termite protection, if required.

    It just makes sense to safeguard your most expensive purchase by having a pest inspection done before you hand over the settlement cheque. GC Pest Control welcome any enquiries you may have regarding pest and building inspections on the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Ipswich areas as it is better to be safe than sorry!