Relevant Understanding Of Advertisement Cloth


    Three-dimensional advertisement, large-scale advertisement printing, advertisement cloth

    Light cloth printing is mainly used for large-format screen advertising printing. Light cloth printing generally includes roof advertising printing, wall advertising printing, wall advertising printing, stage background printing, conference background printing, single-column advertising printing, advertising sign printing, huge format Poster inkjet, auto show inkjet, the above-mentioned inkjet screen area is quite large, especially in the development of real estate development of new real estate peripheral wall advertising inkjet, is a unique leader in large-scale advertising inkjet. Whether it is a bustling bustling, drunk city, or a quiet and leisurely, Yishan Bangshui Village is not all these large-scale advertising inkjets. In the city, it is the advertising inkjet of the real estate wall, and the wall-mounted car advertising in the village.

    Light cloth printing is mainly used for printing materials for light box cloth (ie, external light cloth) commonly used in the printing industry. In addition, industrial fabrics, mesh fabrics, knife scraping fabrics, non-woven fabrics, silk fabrics, and Bollywood are also popular materials for inkjet advertising. Because exterior light cloth is the cheapest and cheapest kind, so many outdoor advertising inkjets are made with exterior light cloth.

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