Use Site Of Pvc Light Box Film


    In the flex banner manufacturers, PVC light box film will be placed in places where advertisements need to be posted. There are so many places for posting advertisement boxes in the country. In conclusion, we will put them in the following places.
    1. Wedding photo studio, home decoration, architectural decoration, design institute, planning institute, product design center, bridge building, automobile ultra-thin beauty: she is ultra-thin, ultra-light, elegant and generous in appearance. Its thickness is generally less than 3CM, which is only about 1/10 of the thickness of ordinary light boxes. Therefore, she makes the most of the space, beautifies the environment, saves transportation costs, simplifies the installation procedure, and broadens the scope of application. Especially in environments with strict requirements on the use of space, such as elevators, public passages, shopping malls, supermarkets, subways, stations, etc., it is the most ideal place to use ultra-thin light boxes.

    2. Exhibition halls, museums, libraries, gymnasiums, art galleries, exhibition halls, opera houses, universities, middle schools, vocational schools, hospitals, banks, insurance, securities and other decoration propaganda projects.

    3. Conference center, exhibition center, license center, municipal engineering, department store, supermarket chain, shopping plaza, jewelry monopoly, cosmetics chain, beverage trade, tobacco and alcohol trade, fast food chain, pharmaceutical chain, stationery center, boutique center, furniture center advertising Promotional items, wholesale of home appliances, monopoly of musical instruments, etc.

    4. Municipal plane lighting system, plaza lighting project, park attraction introduction project, local lantern festival project, community bulletin board project, bus shelter project, bank self-service withdrawal project, telephone booth project, electric emergency project, building display project, airport passage project, Exit project of subway station and so on.

    5. Hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, villa, tea house, western restaurant, coffee shop, pastry, bar, karaoke hall, dance hall, sauna, beauty salon, fitness room, health center and other wall beautification projects.