Introduction To Inkjet Cover Film

  • Flex Banner printing is widely used indoors and does not pose any risk to human health. At the same time, this is very economical and will not cause budgetary constraints. Flexible banner ads are light and easy to use, which is extremely beneficial in terms of extending service life. It is also extremely resistant to severe weather conditions, which many companies require. Among them, inkjet cover film is particularly suitable for high-resolution printing.

    The digital print advertisement is a high-quality advertisement and is the most suitable type of outdoor advertisement. Especially in terms of large-scale advertising on billboards and walls, the effect is quite high. Due to the high visual quality of digital prints, the impact of advertising on people is more permanent. By using this printing technology, it is possible to prepare the best quality pictures, photos, logos, and signs, and have high durability in outdoor advertising. Digital prints that are not easily affected by external factors and seasonal conditions improve the quality of advertisements and enable people to follow them continuously. In short, as far as outdoor advertising is concerned, it is a long-lived advertisement.

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