The Fabrication Process Of Wood Wicker Furniture

  •   Faced with buying furniture, many readers will not know what wicker is. To many people's surprise, wicker is the name of the weaving process, not the name of any single material. Wicker furniture is not limited to natural materials but can be made of any natural or man-made material that is flexible and durable enough to be woven into the furniture.

      What is wicker?

      The term "wicker" actually refers to various vines, grasses, and plants that are used to weave into furniture. The rattan plant is a plant used to make wicker furniture, which explains why some people call wicker furniture rattan furniture. Wicker furniture is popular in outdoor settings and coastal style houses.

      Another thing to remember is that wicker is not limited to outdoor use, it can be easily used indoors or outdoors. However, there are some differences in the materials used in its manufacturing depending on the location to be placed.

      Difference between indoor and outdoor use

      Many outdoor furniture manufacturers usually use synthetic vinyl and resin for outdoor furniture because of higher requirements. Depending on the climate, it needs to withstand factors such as moisture, sunlight, and extreme dryness.

      Since organic and natural materials are placed in a more protected environment, they are more commonly used in indoor furniture.

      Weaving process

      Regarding the assembly method of Wood Wicker Furniture, both organic and synthetic materials use similar weaving processes. In the end, both materials have the same wicker appearance, so attractive.

      You can find a wide variety of styles and weaves, so you can find very modern and more traditional wicker furniture. Wicker can also be found in many different colors, as well as more natural or white finishes, and you can find wicker furniture in various shades.

      Wicker material

      There are many kinds of materials used to make wicker furniture.

      There are four main types of organic materials used for indoor Wood Wicker Furniture: rattan, reed, willow, and bamboo, among which rattan is the most commonly used indoor. Rattan is the thin and soft stalk of palm. It has many uses in furniture manufacturing because it is also commonly used to make wicker frames.

      Furniture made of these organic materials should not be used outdoors, because moisture and excessive sunlight can cause these materials to deteriorate. As the material dries or wears out, this will cause the furniture to fail in a very short time.

      Unlike indoor wicker furniture, you will find that outdoor wicker furniture usually has an aluminum frame. Synthetic fibers or man-made fibers are used to weave the furniture. Aluminum, synthetic vinyl resin, and resin maintain the appearance of wicker but are much stronger, and they will last longer outdoors despite the sun and humidity.

      Maintain wicker furniture

      However, even so, you should still keep the outdoor furniture dry, because moisture can easily cause mold. Wipe the furniture after it gets wet after rain or any other reason. You may also want to keep it away from excessive sun exposure, as this can sometimes cause certain types of wicker to break. Large umbrellas can help, or placing furniture in a protected location can help maintain the appearance.

      Care should be taken to keep it clean, and retouching from time to time can keep it fresh for many years.