What Are The Characteristics Of Outdoor Folding Gazebo


    Features of Outdoor Folding Gazebo
       Now Outdoor Folding Gazebo
    It can be said that it can be seen everywhere, and its application range is very wide. So what are its characteristics? Let us understand what features it has.
      1, PC endurance board Outdoor Folding Gazebo
    Anti-condensation treatment can prevent condensation dripping. There are anti-UV layers on both sides of the board, which has better weather resistance. It has good light transmission performance, and will not cause yellowing, fogging and poor light transmission when exposed to the sun.
      2. Features: wind resistance, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-corrosion, rainwater self-cleaning, curved arc silencing design, filtering ultraviolet rays.
      3. The colors are: transparent, brown, black, gray, brown, etc.
      4, PC endurance board Outdoor Folding Gazebo
    It is assembled by special engineering plastic bracket and PC board (endurance board, sunshine board), which has strong continuous combination.
      So what should be paid attention to before installing Outdoor Folding Gazebo? Finally, let's learn more!
           1. The protective film of the endurance board will affect the combination of the joint filler and the hollow board, so before installation, it is required to remove the fixed part and the surrounding 5-10MM protective film.
            2. For sawing of the board, the hollow board can be opened with art tools. If you use an electric saw, you must pay attention to removing the sawing dust; the endurance board needs to be opened with an electric saw. Note that the edges of the board must be flush. It is especially easy if it is jagged. Cause stress cracking.
             3. Special tools are needed to make holes on the board to make the edges of the holes smooth and tidy. If it is in a jagged shape, it will cause stress cracking. Be careful not to deform the plate when drilling. There are two types of adhesive tapes for sealing the edge of the board: one is to isolate dust from moisture; the other is to isolate dust but breathe. When selecting, it is recommended to use the first type and the second type for others where the edge of the board will be at a high position and there is no danger of water entering.
              5. If the board is curled during transportation, the curled endurance board should be unwound before installation and let it stand for a period of time. Usually endurance board takes 24 hours.