Building Hardware Manufacturer Should Cater To Market Demand


    The outbreak of the new crown epidemic will have a huge impact on China’s hardware manufacturing industry in 2020, especially the building hardware manufacturer based in China’s manufacturing industry. According to relevant statistics, from January to July 2020, my country’s building hardware exports have fallen by 10.2%, showing the impact of the new crown epidemic. Fortunately, with the gradual improvement of the new crown epidemic and the opening of new patterns such as "new infrastructure", "double cycle", and "14th Five-Year Plan", my country's building hardware industry once again ushered in huge market demand. Like the "2020 China. Shanghai International Building Hardware Expo" held in Shanghai from November 3 to 5, 2020, more than 600 well-known companies competed to make their appearances and welcomed 30,000 buyers, distributors, Participants in the building hardware industry chain such as traders and terminal vendors have achieved good results. As one of the exhibitors, building hardware manufacturer has even sensed the trend that demand will rise again in advance. Starting from the first half of 2020, it has begun to enrich product categories, improve production strength, expand sales channels, and deploy in multiple ways in order to become a market. When it becomes active again, it can seize the opportunity and strive for progress.
    First of all, in terms of product types, the window hinge manufacturer has built a multi-series full fastener product system including riveting, bolts, screws, washers, etc., and each series is based on fastener types, styles, materials, etc. It has been classified in detail. Taking window hinge as an example, it includes pressure riveting nuts, pressure riveting screws, waterproof nut studs and other types, flat head bare body, flat head vertical pattern, small countersunk head and other styles, as well as stainless steel, Carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and other materials. The reason for this is that the brand wants to use a product system of various types and styles to ensure that most manufacturing companies can order suitable building hardware mechanical parts, and also allow the brand to win the favor of customers and have more strength.