Azure Decoration Fabric Is Very Beautiful

  • Many years ago, when summer came, people always liked to lie in the yard, count the stars at night, and watch the twinkling stars in the sky. All their troubles disappeared. However, with the development of industry, the sky is not as bright as before. Because of the high temperature, most people choose to live in air-conditioned rooms. Choose a simple starry sky curtain for our home, just like hanging the Milky Way.

    The beautiful azure Decoration fabric makes us love it. It uses high-quality polyester fabric, which is environmentally friendly and healthy. The simple design of the silver and the blue star pattern is fresh and beautiful. Blue is the color of the sky, which can bring us a fresh feeling and is most suitable for the hot summer.

    The curtain fabric is thick and has good craftsmanship. Exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials make it perfect. It has a good shading function and can block 80% of the sun to protect your skin. The high-end shade cloth with a three-layer weaving process is printed in full color and can be washed.

    The back of the curtain is a non-patterned base fabric made of satin with shading function, with a layer of black silk in between, which can more effectively improve the shading effect of the curtain.