A Simple Overview Of Christmas Day Crafts


    Christmas fairs refer to fairs held in European countries on Christmas Eve. Usually the Christmas market opens 4 weeks before Christmas and ends on Christmas Day.
    In Germany, people are used to going to the Christmas market. Generally speaking, the market starts in late November. It was not until noon on Christmas Eve on December 24 that all the vendors at the Christmas market started to clean up their stalls. They will also rush back to spend Christmas Eve with their families. Now, Hamburg and Berlin even extend the Christmas market to the New Year. However, the oldest and most famous Christmas markets are in Dresden and Nuremberg.
    Dresden is the most popular tourist destination during the Christmas season because of its world-famous Germany’s oldest Christmas market. The climax of this Christmas market, which originated in 1434, has always been the Christmas fruit cake celebration: the giant cake weighing about 4 tons starts from the Zwinger Palace, passes through the Semper Opera, the Court Church and the Church of Our Lady, and reaches the Christmas market. There, it will be cut into small pieces and sold to those bustling tourists who come to pursue it.
    Christmas is coming. Although Christmas is not our traditional holiday, it should be the most decorated holiday. We seem to have forgotten the original taste of this festival. Under the exaggeration of consumerism, all festivals are just a reason to buy and buy.
    Christmas Day Crafts can be used as Christmas decorations even better. For example, all kinds of crafts, lamps, and even agricultural products can replace apples and hang on the Christmas tree.
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