How Do I cancel A Microsoft Subscription?

  • How do I cancel my Microsoft subscription without logging in? 


    To cancel Microsoft subscription without log-in to your Microsoft account, you need to contact customer support by following the instructions shared below: 

    • Open the website and go to Get Help on the Support page.
    • Now select the Products and Services. 
    • Choose Microsoft 365 and office.
    • Click on Manage Subscription under the Category section and confirm it. 
    • Select "Chat with a support agent in your web browser."


    Can I cancel my Microsoft Office subscription anytime?


    Yes, users can cancel Microsoft subscription anytime. Check the steps: 

    • First, check the services and subscriptions. 
    • Log in to your Microsoft account. 
    • Select the subscription you want to cancel. 
    • Choose Manage. 
    • On the next page, select Cancel. 


    Can I Check my Microsoft office Subscription?


    Yes, Microsoft allows you to check its subscription. You just need to visit their official website, log in using your details and check your subscription by following the instructions.


    How to cancel a Microsoft subscription over Call?


    To unsubscribe from your Microsoft subscription by contacting the customer support team, you need to visit the website, where you will find the contact us page. Walk through the page and find the customer support number to cancel your subscription.