How Do I Cancel My Bitdefender Subscription?

  • In today's world, we need to protect our data from any cyber threat that may end up stealing data. Bitdefender also provides the same services, so if you want to cancel your Bitdefender subscription, please follow the steps:

    • Login to your Bitdefender Central account. 
    • Then, tap on "My Subscriptions." 
    • And press on "Stop Auto-renewal." (once you tap on it, you can cancel your subscription on Bitdefender, and after going through all the steps mentioned, you will not have a question of How Do I Cancel My Bitdefender Subscription.)


    How do I check my Bitdefender subscription?


    If you are using the services of Bitdefender and want to check your subscription, then you are advised to follow the steps that are mentioned below:

    • Login to your Bitdefender account. 
    • Tap on "My Subscriptions" on the page.
    • Then tap on the "Manage" option. 
    • Then tap on the service details of your product.
    • There you can check the Bitdefender service details. 


    Can I cancel Bitdefender and get a refund?


    Suppose you are using the services of Bitdefender to protect your data and other services. If unsatisfied with the services, you can cancel your Bitdefender subscription and request a refund from the agency's official website. 


    How much does Bitdefender cost per month?


    To get a subscription to Bitdefender, you must know how much it costs to provide its services. The cost begins from around $1.99 to $95. (depends on the period.) 


    By this method, you can quickly learn about a query on how do I cancel my Bitdefender subscription, and the discussion about the cost will help you in all possible ways.