Waste Compactors

  • Waste Compactors should be considered a requirement for any business that must store lots of waste before disposal takes place.  If storage space is expensive then compacting allows you to store more in the same space and helps save money thus increases overall efficiency.

    Whether you're using portable or static compactors condensing waste helps you store more waste.  In a commercial application you will need robust compacting machines that are designed to withstand daily use.  Choosing the right product can save you time and money in the future.  There is various information and help available to help you decide which machinery best fits your requirements.

    Professional refuse equipment provide the user with various safety features such as a safety interlock system which prevents operation unless the door is closed.  Most waste compactors require the operator is be professional trained due to the specialist nature of the equipment.

    The benefits of using compacting equipment over standard wheelie bins are obvious. You can fit more waste into the same area. But how do they work? Waste compactors use a ram to compress rubbish with great force. Cardboard and other types of waste can be added whilst the machine becomes full. This is one of the most efficient methods of storing rubbish before it is taken away for disposal.

    It is now commonplace is many industries to separate different types of waste and waste compactors only make this process easier. Gone are the days where all of your rubbish is simply put in the same storage space for collection, especially in the UK.