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Body Armor Buyer's Guide

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    October 4, 2022 9:12 PM EDT

    You may be surprised to learn that body armor is legal for almost anyone to possess or use in all 50 states within the U.S.. Oftentimes, consumers are under the impression that this type of protective gear is illegal to own unless they’re a first responder, law enforcement officer or involved in the military services — but that is simply not true.To get more news about bullet proof vest, you can visit official website.

    We frequently hear people say, “I tried to order from another company and they told me that only law enforcement officers could own armor.” Because of this type of interaction, many individuals believe that body armor is illegal to own. What you need to know is that a large number of manufacturers and retailers restrict their sales to law enforcement only. However, these restrictions are based on individual company policies and are not reflective of federal, state or local laws. It is 100% legal for upstanding civilians to wear, purchase and own body armor.
    Without discrimination, Safe Life Defense seeks to provide the best body armor for all morally sound and ethically inclined citizens. If you follow the law, you can purchase our body armor. We will never restrict our sales to only professional lines of work because everyone has the privilege and the right to own these products for protection. Body armor is a life-saving safety tool designed for peace of mind, prevention of injury and preservation of life. We believe it should be treated as such and accessible for all who meet these standards.
    Soft Body Armor
    Those looking for a more comfortable armor option usually select soft armor, even though it may offer less protection than other types. Soft armor is very light and can flex for added comfort. This makes it the most concealable type of body armor and a great option for those who don’t want to feel like they’re lugging extra weight around. Current soft body armor can stop most handgun rounds, but armor plates are needed to stop rifle rounds and steel-core handgun rounds like 7.62×25mm.
    Hard Body Armor
    For additional protection, many people will choose hard armor plates. They are made from rigid, reinforced plates that are generally used in high-risk situations where rifle fire is likely. You often see hard armor plates worn by police tactical units and combat soldiers. What’s important to remember is that this body covering is not just about having a second line of defense against guns, it’s about having a safeguard against knives and other deadly weapons, too. The handoff for a greater level of protection is that it is difficult to conceal. But beware, not all hard body armor plates are rifle rated.

    Flexible Rifle Armor
    Although hard armor used to be the best form of rifle protection, that no longer holds true. Truly flexible rifle armor is something many of us could only ever dream of in previous years, and now it’s here! Safe Life Defense’s Flexible Rifle Armor feels and conceals just like soft armor plates, covers more of the torso, and offers increased protection…but it’s rated to defend against .223, 5.56 and 7.62×39. It works great to replace uncomfortable hard body armor, like rifle plates, and can stop projectiles that present a threat level greater than handgun and shotgun ammunition.

    FRAS? panels provide full front, rear and side coverage while still being lighter than most traditional rifle plates. Just like soft armor, our Flexible Rifle Armor is truly innovative and maintains excellent back-face signature ratings. That means when testing, it meets the NIJ standard for 44mm deformation after impact. It can even be used in conjunction with IIIA+ soft armor to achieve level III ICW protection and is handgun, shotgun, strike, slash, stab and Taser resistant. It’s quite literally unmatched by anything on the market — and that’s safety at its finest.