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Elastic Pin Coupling

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    September 23, 2022 11:33 PM EDT

    Coupling hubs: Grey Cast Iron GG25 (GJL-250). Elastomeres: NBR, hardness 80ºA Shore, black. Torsionally flexible cam coupling, fail-safe, with damping effect. With bolt-on jaw ring. The removable jaw ring allows to replace the elastomers without moving the hubs on the shafts. The MÄDLER® version is improved: Machined claws result in longer lifetime. Couplings are non-bored or pre-bored, depending on the size. * The sizes 250 and 280 have different pilot bores on each side. Customized bores and feather-key grooves available at extra charge. Temperature range: -30ºC to +80ºC.Get more news about Elastic Pin Coupling Wholesaler,you can vist our website!
    Our company has achieved widespread recognition for offering Elastic Pin Coupling to clients. This product is precisely manufactured under the stern supervision of our highly skilled team of professionals using superior quality of raw material with the help of latest techniques. Elastic Pin Coupling is tested on different quality parameters.

      ZLL typeElastic pinCouplingIt uses several pins made of non-metal elastic materials and is placed in the flange holes of the two halves of the coupling. The two halves of the coupling are connected by the pins. The coupling has a simple structure, easy to manufacture, and flexible in assembly and disassembly. The components are more convenient, and there is no need to move the two couplings.The material of the elastic element (column pin) is generally selected from nylon 6, which has the ability to slightly compensate for the deviation of the two axes. The elastic part is sheared during operation and has poor working reliability. It is only suitable for medium-speed transmission shaft systems with very low requirements. For working conditions with high reliability requirements.