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Best Biometric Door Locks in 2022

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    September 15, 2022 10:53 PM EDT

    What is the best biometric door lock? Biometric door locks use fingerprint or facial authentication to grant access to the building to one or a number of individuals. Facial recognition door locks make it possible to open the door hands-free, with nothing but your face. All the authorized users need to provide samples of their faces to be enrolled in a database. However, the most common type includes models that use a fingerprint reader to unlock the door.To get more news about smart safe lock, you can visit official website.

    When choosing your biometric lock, make sure that it is made by a reliable company specializing in biometric technology. One of the most trusted brands is Samsung, a well-established manufacturer of electronics. The company offers advanced biometric locks like the Samsung SHS-P718-LMK that have double authentication, an anti-theft mode, automatic locking, and a number of other beneficial features.
    When it comes to smart door locks, another reliable brand is Yale, a Swedish producer founded as far back as the 19th century. Its product line includes safes, smart storage products, and smart locks. Its smart lock Google Nest × Yale Lock for keyless entry, allows you to unlock the door with your smartphone.

    Apart from a brand, another thing to consider is how long it takes for the lock to recognize the user’s fingerprint or face. This time period generally ranges from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds. The number of fingerprint samples stored by the system is essential as well. You can enroll as many users as you need, with each user having different levels of access.
    Best Fingerprint Reading Locks Compared
    1. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Door Lock

    This is a premium biometric door lock made with an RFID feature and a push-and-pull design. It stores up to 31 codes and 100 fingerprints. Made from metal and plastic, the lock is super sturdy and can fit an 80mm thick door. It has an anti-theft feature, intrusion alarm, fire warning, and many more.
    2. Adel LS9 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock

    This device recognizes fingerprints quickly (up to 120 fingerprints), is easy to install, and has a low-battery indicator. It allows for 3 ways to unlock the door: with a fingerprint, a code, and a key. You can set a guest password and manage different user groups. The handle can be installed to the left or right.
    3. Google Nest x Yale Lock with Nest Connect

    As an alternative, you can choose the smart lock which unlocks a door with a smartphone. Made with a tamper-proof design, this smart lock will alert you if someone tries to break it. The Nest app allows you to lock or unlock the door with your smartphone from anywhere and let your guests in. Or you can create unique codes for family and guests or check the status of the lock.
    4. Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch, Fingerprint Scanner

    This budget-friendly device works fast and recognizes the user’s fingerprint in 0.3 sec. and unlocks the door in just 1 sec. Apart from the fingerprint reader, you can use the security app, keypad, or an included key to enter your home. It features an IP65 weatherproof rating and can unlock the door automatically.
    5. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock + Bridge WiFi Adaptor

    This 6-in-1 smart lock offers a whopping set of features and different ways of access. The lock can be opened through fingerprint identification, an anti-peep keypad, a mechanical key, or controlled remotely from your smartphone. It stores up to 120 fingerprints and has two-layer protection.