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Are you ready for a car without a steering wheel?

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    August 31, 2022 10:42 PM EDT

    2030 doesn’t seem too far away, but that’s the year Cadillac believes there might be a major shift – when many of us will go from drivers to passengers in fully autonomous cars that drive themselves.To get more news about Steel wire wheel, you can visit official website.

    I visited GM’s Advanced Design Studio in North Hollywood to see three concepts cars that might be roaming our streets (and skies!) soon.Our challenge was if you’re not driving, what do you do,” said Frank Saucedo, Design Director at General Motors. “The triplets, as we call them, were designed around the idea that you could either own the vehicle or it could be a subscription.
    Personal Space is a vertical takeoff and landing vehicle that gets you above the traffic. Like your own personal drone. You’d take off from your house and land on the roof of your work building.

    “Personal Space was designed to get you from point A to point B in a really quick amount of time… giving you the ultimate luxury, time,” said Saucedo.

    Social Space is like a futuristic self-driving party bus, with room for six.“Social Space was designed to do things with people, a group that you want to surround yourself with in a more social longue type space,” said Saucedo.

    There’s a big screen, vapor fireplace and even a hideaway bar, but no steering wheel.“You would basically give it your destination through your mobile phone and off it goes,” explained GM interior designer Joe Baker.

    Inner Space is the most unique of the trio since it looks like a futuristic sports car.“The premise of this vehicle is a ride from LA one night up to Santa Barbara, couple bottles of wine, and you come home safely, because it’s totally autonomous,” said Saucedo.

    Hard to believe we’ll hand over all control to our car, but this is Level 5 Autonomy we’re talking about here, which requires no human attention. It took me a bit to realize it, but the car had no steering wheel whatsoever.This shows augmented reality views of the world outside, lets you play video games, watch movies, or just sit back and enjoy a relaxing scent. The team even came up with exclusive aromatherapy oils for the interior of the car.