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The primordial spirit is reborn

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    August 28, 2022 11:00 PM EDT

    Hearing the words of the Dragon Emperor, Uncle Ding, who was still thinking about how to save the soldiers, immediately said angrily, "Hum, Tianlong, you don't have to worry about their lives any more. These people deserve to die. If we can stay outside, we can go up and kill them directly!" Uncle Liu also said indignantly, "It's just because of him that so many innocent people have suffered. It seems that the Tianwu Empire has come to an end!" For the words of Hai Tianlong, the Dragon Emperor is silent. In this world where the strong are respected, the weak people are used as cannon fodder and slaves in the eyes of the nobles. In order to reach his level, there is also compassion for the people in his heart, but such a thing is not something he can decide, after all, it offends the interests of all the nobles, even if he is the suzerain of the Shenwu world. Hai Tianlong suddenly asked, "Suzerain, isn't the Tianwu Empire afraid of provoking a popular revolt?"? Want to know just for an unknown general of the Qin family, and provoke the Qianhong Empire, in my opinion, is really a very unwise thing, to put it bluntly, it is simply stupid! The cultivation of the Dragon Emperor was indeed very good. Although Hai Tianlong's words even cursed him,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, he was not angry. He sighed: "Tianlong, in many cases, politics is the foundation for building a country, but it is also the foundation for destroying a country. But politics is not controlled by one person, but by many people at the same time. Therefore, a single force cannot withstand the storm!"! Do you understand what I mean? Hai Tianlong nodded and said, "I understand. Uncle, although you want to try your best to change,jacuzzi bath spa, your strength is too weak, and the dragon family behind you restricts you. You have your difficulties.". So you want to take this opportunity to suppress the arrogance of the Qin family and force them to hand over those idiots in exchange for the stability of the country, is that right? The Dragon Emperor said with a wry smile, "This is the only thing I can do. If I don't stamp the order, they can't mobilize the Shenwu Legion or the Tianwu Legion.". In fact, I do this not only want to suppress the arrogance of the Qin family, more is not want the innocent people to suffer again, and then displaced, as you said, a country can not withstand the popular revolt, once the popular revolt goes too far, the country will change its master! Although these words are very perverse, but uncle still said to Tianlong you! Hai Tianlong said with a smile, "In fact, this is an eternal theorem. There is no eternal country in this world. As long as people are happy, they will think of change. Once they don't want to continue to be happy, outdoor whirlpool ,jacuzzi suppliers, they will think of stimulation. And once such an idea flashes, it can't be stopped any more. If this war continues, I'm afraid the Tianwu Empire may disappear!" The dragon emperor looked at the sea dragon's eyes no longer peaceful, suddenly burst out a strange look, but suddenly disappeared, but was still captured by the sea dragon, he slowly walked to the front of the map, deep voice way: "Tianlong, you must not mention today's words in front of others, otherwise even uncle I can not protect you!" He suddenly sighed and continued, "Tianlong, if those fools had your vision and foresight, the Tianwu Empire would still have a lot to do!" Hai Tianlong was surprised to see the sudden change of the Dragon Emperor. Could it be that he did not care whether the Tianwu Empire would perish in this battle? The idea was so absurd that he shook his head and said to the Dragon Emperor, "What is the uncle going to do?"? Is it a direct refusal or a continued compromise? "Go to the army headquarters to report," said the Dragon Emperor. "If you don't go, they'll make trouble for you! Uncle is tired and wants to rest for a while. Seeing that the Dragon Emperor had given the order to leave, Hai Tianlong had no choice but to go out of the room. As soon as he reached the door, he suddenly turned around and said, "Uncle, you ask someone to blow up the bridge and exchange those soldiers for a chance to live. At the same time, you control the general of the Qin family and send him directly to the other side's camp. I estimate that within three years, the Qianhong Empire will not have any reason to attack Tianwu again!" Say that finish, the sea day dragon head also did not return to leave. The dragon emperor looked back at the sea Tianlong young back, the waves in his heart, "he actually saw, and the Qin family those so-called famous generals of the guys did not see that people Qianhong Empire just want to find a reason, find a reason to attack the Tianwu Empire, if not this suzerain sent people to investigate, I'm afraid I can't see the mystery of it, Tianlong!" I hope there will be no chance to make an enemy of you in the future, otherwise uncle is really not sure he can win you! Apart from the Dragon Emperor and the investigators, no one in the Tianwu Empire knew that the Dragon Emperor was very concerned about the war, so he sent someone to investigate it privately, but the result of the investigation surprised him very much. The so-called princess was not a real princess, but a specially trained killer. She was given the title of a princess temporarily when she came to the credentials. The generals of the Tianwu Empire molested the princess. The Qianhong Empire also guessed that the Qin family refused to compromise. Maybe the Qin family had the spies of the Qianhong Empire to instigate them. In this way, they had enough reasons to attack the Tianwu Empire. And those who were killed by the so-called royal guard is only a part of the other people's dead, the dragon emperor in that those low ability soldiers can actually kill each other thousands of people "royal guard" master, has begun to doubt, which country's royal guard master will be so bad, was killed by ordinary soldiers, and a kill is thousands of people. After he got the confidential information, he understood the mystery, so he would not agree to send troops, and wanted to force the Qin family to voluntarily hand over the focus of the war, the other side's reasons. In fact, the dragon emperor did so at the same time, he was also very worried that the Qin family would insist on a tough attitude and refuse to give in, and if according to the method that the sea Tianlong said, put more than 3000 soldiers under house arrest as a basis for negotiations, and hand over the general,4 person jacuzzi, so that the other side has no reason to continue to attack the tianwu empire. If the other side still insists on continuing to attack, it is obvious that they are determined to attack Tianwu regardless of the lives of the soldiers. In this way, they are in a passive position and are in the situation of being talked about.