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    August 28, 2022 11:00 PM EDT

    This is not entirely true, Yingzhou immortal, there are quite a few characters, but in the Han and Jin Dynasties, there are many people who cultivate immortals, although not to the whole people cultivate immortals, the number is spectacular. The base number is large, the admission rate is low, the number of people will not be small, at that time the quality of immortals is inevitably uneven. Heaven is not unaware of this, so since the Tang Dynasty, almost no people have become immortals again. In the Song Dynasty, the famous one admitted Chen Tuan Lao Zu, which is different from the Han Dynasty when immortals appeared every three or five times in neighboring villages. Perhaps it was Wen Guwei's bad luck that he ran into this group of characters among the immortals. He must have suffered a lot, so he was so perverse and unsociable. Some people's unwillingness can only go through the motions in the middle of the night when no one is whispering. Some people's unwillingness can expand into demons day after day, just as some people can only chop firewood and weed when they get a knife, and some people can go to court when they get a knife. Everything varies from person to person, and they really can't figure it out. Originally, I also think highly of you, "Wen Guwei's eyes finally fell back to Duanmu Cui," thinking that you are different from them, I have three points of closeness in my heart, and I intend to accept it,endless swim spa, but I can't imagine.. " (Well, I know it's not kind to interrupt in such an atmosphere, but I still want to brazenly speak for Wen Guwei Fish: I would have turned my heart to the moon, but the moon shines on the ditch..) Duanmu Cui smiled faintly: "I am willing to gamble and admit defeat, and I have nothing to do with others." "If you hadn't thought I was too simple, you wouldn't have lost so miserably," said Wen Guwei. "Think you're too simple?" Duanmu Cui seems to have heard the most funny words, "Wen Guwei Fish,jacuzzi swim spa, you are scheming everywhere. Have I ever dared to look down on you? Have I ever dared to think you are simple?" As she spoke, she slowly took off her right arm, revealing a white jade arm. Wen Guwei Fish felt strange and laughed unconsciously: "What are you doing..." In the middle of the sentence, his pupils suddenly tightened and he snapped, "What are you wearing?" The sound of "Chi" is gentle, like the sound of flowers blooming. He actually wanted to ask, "Where is your lotus flower?" Now he did not need Duanmu Cui's answer, because the lotus flower came from the back of his heart and bloomed above his heart, with bright barbs at the root, clasping his heart with flesh and blood, tightening and tightening, and looking at it from the eye, it seemed to be in full bloom like blood. And between the petals of blood, there is a woman's slender jade finger-like golden light winding away, just like a woman's fingers gently lingering, but under a touch, whirlpool hot tub spa ,jacuzzi manufacturers, the body becomes stiff inch by inch. This is the lock heart finger that she buried deeply. Duanmu Cui's lips finally rippled with a smile, murmuring in a low voice, as if asking questions, as if talking to himself. Have I ever dared to look down on you? Have I ever dared to think you are simple? Wen Guwei fish ignored him, he tried to exert the last trace of strength, clenched the strength of the lock heart finger, and looked at the lotus through the heart. The direction of. This time, it was his turn to look ashen. The man who held the other end of the lotus flower had a face as strong as iron, and his body, covered with blue clothes, was as tall and straight as pine, as if the strong wind could not shake it. [Warm Solitary Tail Fish]-Twelve The author has something to say: Here comes the third watch.. Zhanzhao.. Wen Guwei was shocked and aphasic. "Aren't you already." Zhanzhao ignored him, his eyes seemed tired, and he perched weakly on the opposite Duanmu Cui. If you can kill him, I can save him. Duanmu Cui calmly seemed to be narrating an old story that had nothing to do with himself. "You're right. I did use the excuse of agreeing with you to kill Zhanzhao to lead you to carelessness, and then attack you.". It's just that you were wrong about two things. First, the first time I gave you the finger lock, I didn't mean to kill you, but to lead you into the trap, so that you mistakenly thought that I had seen through my plan. Second, I didn't intend to kill you myself. In my opinion, Zhanzhao has a better chance of winning against you. "I had killed him at that time." Wen Guwei's eyes were about to swallow Duanmu Cui. "When did you save him?" "When I cried on top of him." Duanmu Cui smiled. "At that time, you were obsessed with sex. I think you didn't realize it.". ” "No wonder you want me to keep his whole body." I originally thought that even if you were acting before, your tears should always be true, "Wen Guwei laughed." Unexpectedly, even the tears are false. " "You didn't think of it? I thought you should have thought of it." Duanmu Cui showed the color of regret. "You should have thought of it. Since I am a war general, how good I am at these stratagems to invite you into the urn. I never think less of you, but you think I am too vulnerable. He lowered his eyes for a long time, then suddenly turned to Zhanzhao and said, "The seal of Nu Wa has been repaired, and the way of the underworld will be frozen within three minutes. The fish first pierced the heart of the lotus flower, and then hit the finger of the lock heart. It can no longer stir up the storm.". It's finally over here, and I'm also seeking benevolence and getting benevolence. Zhan Zhao, go back quickly. When I saw him, I told him that I had something to do and couldn't go. Zhanzhao just shook his head. Duanmu Cui sighed, "Don't you realize that the dawn is no longer on me?"? Hurry up and get out. In fact, just when Duanmu Cui waded into the blazing curtain, the dawn had already receded-but at that time most of them could not withstand the heat wave, and now counting the time, it was almost the right time. Zhanzhao still did not move. Duanmu Cui shook his head and said, "You are so stubborn. Do you still want us to get away with it?"? Now the result is the best-you go quickly, burning to death is not a good thing. Zhanzhao suddenly opened his mouth and said, "Duanmu, I also have Cangjie clothes on my body." Duanmu Cui roughly guessed what he was thinking and just shook his head. Listen to me, "Zhanzhao was anxious, and his tone lost his usual calmness." My Cangjie clothes can resist the curtain of blazing flame twice, and yours can resist it once. I can build a chain bridge over the abyss with the lotus through the heart.. Duanmu, don't move at that end. I'll go there first and bring you back. As soon as Duanmu Cui's heart moved, before he could answer, he heard Wen Guwei sneer and say,whirlpool bathtub, "That's not right. That's not right." Although Zhanzhao didn't want to listen to his nonsense, he couldn't help saying to him, "What's wrong?" 。