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All the heroes in the wilderness

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    August 28, 2022 11:00 PM EDT

    Langshan is located in the north of Luoyang, and there are many tombs of ancient emperors and ministers on the mountain. The Shangqing Temple is the most famous Taoist temple in the north. Incense is very popular at ordinary times. If there is a festival or the Spring and Autumn Festival, the faithful men and women are on the way. Although today is not a festival, because the weather is fine, there are still a lot of climbers. Among the pilgrims, there is an old man with a long beard. After saluting Sanqing, he found a middle-aged Taoist and said, "Taoist, I would like to invite you to see the Taoist who knocks on the moon. I hope you can introduce me to him." The middle-aged Taoist looked at him for a moment and said, "I'm sorry, benefactor. Elder Martial Brother Tianyue is not in the temple now." "Excuse me," said the bearded old man, "where can I find the Taoist Priest?" "It's hard to say," said the middle-aged Taoist. "He likes to travel. All the famous mountains and great rivers in the world have his footprints. I really don't know where he is." The bearded old man could not find anyone, so he had to walk down Mangshan Mountain with a lonely expression. At this time, many people went down the mountain, but he found two familiar figures in the crowd. They were the maidservants of Lu Ye Niang. Naturally, he would not let them go. As fast as a light smoke, he ran over the crowd in front of him to the familiar figure, but after turning a col, the two figures suddenly disappeared. The bearded old man rushed to the mountain depression and saw that the right side was flat, while the left side was covered with rocks and trees. It seemed that the maidservant of Lu Ye Niang must have escaped from the left side. What puzzled him was how Lu Yeniang knew she was looking for her. Could it be that she was in the temple when she talked to the Taoist just now, and heard him talking to the Taoist who knocked on the moon. Naturally, there are still many doubts about this, but one can be sure that the sudden disappearance of Lu Ye Niang's maidservant must be an escape. He turned to his left and looked for it as he walked. At last he stopped and said with a slight smile, "Come out!"! Lu Yeniang, it's very desolate here. You're not afraid of ghosts catching you! He heard right. Sure enough, the maidservant of Lu Ye Niang came out after a big stone and said, "We have no grudges or grudges. Why bother to force people like this?" The bearded old man snorted, "You've done too much. How can you blame me?" Lu Yeniang raised her eyebrows and said,tape measure clip, "The disciples of your alliance forced our mother and daughter to spend the night with them. This is your alliance bullying people too much. How can the elder blame our mother and daughter?" The bearded old man was in a daze. Suddenly he burst out laughing and said, "Pretty girl, a red prostitute. It's for sale. What's wrong with spending the night with someone?" Lu Yeniang suddenly opened her eyes and stared at the bearded old man. "So that's you, Guo Ziyu?" She asked. "Yes, it's Guo Ziyu. Can we still say we have no grudges now?" "My surname is Guo," said Lu Yeniang with her silver teeth. "Our enmity is as deep as the sea. Either you or I will die today." As soon as the voice fell, the flying body rushed, and a knife light, carrying the strong wind of hunting, came from the slanting inside. Honghong also did not neglect, with Lu Yeniang's offensive, fiercely attacked Guo Ziyu's rib door. The two maidservants seemed to hate Guo Ziyu so much that they went all out as soon as they came up, and all of them greeted each other at the vital point. Guo Ziyu walks in the stormy light of the knife, his blue shirt flutters, and his expression is extremely free and easy. He did not return to attack a move, Adhesive fish ruler ,Surveyors tape measure, Lu coconut Niang main maidservant has crisp chest ups and downs, Jiao panting unceasingly, now they understand, even if tired to death, don't want to hurt Guo Ziyu a hair. Lu Yeh-niang beckoned Honghong to stop and jump away. "Let's do it," she said coldly with a dull face! Guo, let's accept our fate. Guo Ziyu sighed: "You are too extreme.". Lu Ye Niang, I hurt people only in self-defense, we have no hatred, why should I hurt you? "We don't appreciate it," said Lu Yeh-niang. "We won't let you go if we have a chance in the future." "That's for the future," said Guo Ziyu. "Please tell me where your brother Lou Renkui is." Lu Yeh-niang curled the corners of her mouth and said, "Are you looking for a girl named Fang?"? Hum, even if I find my big brother, I may not be able to let you get what you want. "Just tell me where Lou Renkui is," said Guo Ziyu. "You don't have to worry about anything else." Lu Yeniang said, "Your Excellency has made his way in Jianghu. I didn't expect his knowledge to be so shallow. He is the president of the Central Plains Wushu Appraisal Association. Why don't you go to the East Street and ask?" Guo Ziyu said, "I've been down there. There's only an empty shelf. No one knows where Lou Renkui is hiding.". ” "I don't know," said Lu Yeh-niang. "I went to East Street to look for him." "You really don't know?" Asked Guo Ziyu. "I told you we'd admit defeat," said Lu Yeh-niang. "Be my guest if you want to kill or cut." The woman refused to eat, and Guo Ziyu refused to destroy the flowers, so he had to let them go. He walked down Mangshan Mountain dispirited and found an inn in Beiguan. At dinner, he drank a few glasses of stuffy wine, originally to relieve the depression of his chest, but someone blew a stuffy fragrance through the window, and he was arrested in a daze. The person who used the stuffy incense was Lu Yeniang, as well as Lou Renkui and Hong Hong, two accomplices, and the plot was successful. Lu Ye Niang is greatly excited, she takes out the long knife, raises the arm to chop to Guo Ziyu's neck. Lou Renkui stretched out his hand to stop him and said, "You can't do it, Younger Martial Sister." Lu Yeh-niang was stunned and said, "Why can't I pay for my blood?" Lou Renkui said, "The leader's wife has issued a peach blossom order to name him. If we kill him with a knife, how can we explain to the leader's wife?" "I know the leader's wife is chasing him," said Lu Yeh-niang. "And if he dies, we just have to hand over his head. What's there to explain?" Lou Renkui said, "Younger Martial Sister doesn't know yet. The leader's wife has issued a second order." "Oh," said Lu Yeh-niang, "what about the second order?" Lou Renkui said, "I want to live, and I won't be hurt." Lu Yeh-niang said bitterly, "Why did the leader's wife do this?"? Isn't that protecting him? Lou Renkui said, "Perhaps the leader's wife will punish him with her own hands."! In any case, if we capture him alive, we will avenge the second brother and Jiaojiao. "What shall we do now?" Asked Lu Yeh-niang. "Send him to Hangzhou," said Lou Renkui. "Elder Martial Brother," said Lu Yeniang in astonishment,Fish measuring board, "this road is very long. Who can guarantee that there will be no trouble on the road?" Lou Renkui smiled and said, "Is there any trouble?"? Hey hey, the Wulin League covers the whole world. Who has eaten the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard and dares to find fault with the Wulin League? 。