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    August 28, 2022 10:57 PM EDT

    Next to the three people see this although inexplicable, but also dare not speak out in silence. Half ring, the lips of the man in bloody clothes were blacker, and his breath had a fishy smell. The five fingers hanging beside him were clenched tightly into fists, and he could almost hear his creaking. The murderous look, which was not weakened by poisoning, was brewing more and more over the whole stream. The cloud is as light as if not seen, still looking at the eyes of the man in bloody clothes lightly, a school of indifference and elegance. Sorry Has turned to the sauce black lips, clenched, from the teeth to hold out these two words, cold but loud. The three men on the side were stunned, apparently not expecting their son to say these two words, which did not exist in their son's heart, and there was no such word in his dictionary. The cloud lightly heard the words of grace, nodded, returned to come over, bent down and began to look at the place where the man in bloody clothes was poisoned. Next to three people see this, look at each other, what is this, a matter of principle? At a glance, the place of poisoning was on the inside of the man's thigh, not far from the private place, and a few blood stains were the marks of the mink's claws. Seeing this, the cloud looked sideways at the mink and shook his head. He tapped the mink's head and said with a gentle smile, "You naughty little fellow." The little mink rubbed the light face of the cloud very intimately. Aren't you afraid I'll kill you? The man in bloody clothes squinted at Yunqing. The cloud lightly cut open the trousers of the man in bloody clothes, revealing a very secret place. Without squinting, he stretched out his hand to pick up the blood stain with a small silver knife,stainless steel edging strip, bled it, and took the antidote specially prepared for the mink's poison. "As long as you have the ability," he said. The man in bloody clothes had a murderous look in his eyebrows and eyes, and the dark tide in his eyes was turbulent. He took a deep look at Yunqing. He was dizzy in front of his eyes. His subconscious backhand grabbed Yunqing's arm and almost buckled it into Yunqing's flesh. Yunqing frowned slightly. Childe? The three men shouted at once. It's just a temporary coma. The mink is very poisonous, and there are too many wounds on his body. Cloud light side detoxification, while looking at the bloody clothes man's injuries, many, chest, back, arms,aluminum tile edge trim, legs, almost all have, if not these can affect his action of the injury, it is estimated that the sable may not hurt him. Thank you, girl. The man, who looked like a scholar, nodded as a courtesy. Yun Qing fed the medicine to the man in bloody clothes and said, "It's just a simple task." Another young man in iron-colored clothes took a look around and said in a deep voice, "We can't stay here for a long time. We must leave immediately." "He hasn't been poisoned yet." Cloud light head also did not raise the whisper way. The man who looked like a scholar frowned and said to the cloud, "Could you please ask the girl to go all the way? We must leave." Before Yun Qingwen could answer, the man who looked like a scholar hurriedly added, "I just want you to stay until you wake up. If you want to leave at that time, we won't stop you." Cloud light to see this man has said to this, this man in bloody clothes poison is really not a moment can be solved, the mink's poison can be fierce, looking at the man holding his tight hand, want to break away is not easy, the moment slightly hesitated for a moment, slightly nodded, china tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, anyway she also want to leave here, it doesn't matter to go together. See cloud light nod agree, the three men immediately exultation, also regardless of their own body injuries, quickly pulled the horse, let the cloud light and the man in bloody clothes ride together, they follow on foot. The cloud saw that they were going in the direction they wanted to go, and where she and her mother-in-law lived, she kept silent while detoxifying the man in bloody clothes and urging the horse to move forward. Behind him, the breeze blows, a blood gas with the wind blowing away, fishy blood gas brewing, slowly penetrated into the stream, a stream of red, is really an eventful spring ah. Chapter 6 forced kisses Stop-and-go all the way, the cloud is light to nothing, but the three men were seriously injured, how can not walk fast, forced to walk, even from that place, but also can not go far. Take a break. It's not a thing to walk like this. In a forest, the cloud saw that the three men were really unable to support themselves, so he tightened the reins and reached out to the sleeping man in bloody clothes to dismount. Girl, we can still support you. "That's it.". "Cloud light did not wait for the scholar to finish his words, smiled at him, whispered, not ruthless, disadvantageous, but so gentle but people can not refute.". The scholar and the two bodyguard-like men looked at each other when they heard this, and the gentle voice only let them hear the concern and tenderness, a kind of unspoken tenderness. Three people hesitated for a moment, they are really really can not support, it is good to rest, tired soldiers fighting in the end is not a good policy. At that moment, the weak scholar sat beside Yunqing and the man in bloody clothes, while the other two bodyguards, each keeping a certain distance from the left and right sides, watched around and sat down, although it was a rest, but the hair that stood up was not half slack. Cloud light see this also do not say much, only slightly looked up at the clouds in the sky, one side against the tree trunk, one hand was grabbed by the man in bloody clothes, can only be placed on him, one hand on the seven-stringed guqin. Is the girl a musician? The man who looked like a scholar sat aside and looked at the cloud with a slight smile. Although there was blood on his face, he did not hide his beautiful face. The cloud looked down at him and said with a faint smile, "I like Chin." The scholar graciously said, "I'm Chu Yun. The taller one is called Mo Li, and the shorter one is called Mo Yin. I dare not ask the girl what her name is." Yun Qing was also uninhibited. "Yun Qing," he said softly. This kind of casual chat is just a casual chat to adjust the atmosphere, and no one takes it seriously, so no one will pursue its truth or falsehood, and naturally no one will break the casserole to ask in the end. When Chu Yun heard this, he smiled and looked at the unconscious man in bloody clothes. "Miss," he said, "you are an outsider. You won't haggle with us laymen. My son is rude. Please be more tolerant, Miss Yun." Cloud light listens to this words to understand, the words are polite, the meaning is also polite, but just want her to show mercy,tile trim manufacturers, do not aim at his son, cure his poison as soon as possible. Then he smiled and said, "It won't be long before I wake up." 。