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The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy

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    August 28, 2022 10:57 PM EDT

    "No," said Ford. "Let's find out, shall we?" On closer inspection, these coffins seem to be more like sarcophagi. It's about waist-high. It looks like it's made of Sichuan white marble. It must be-it just looks like it. One thing--that's white marble. The top is translucent, dimly seen inside, presumably of the dead who are being remembered-they have human characteristics. Obviously, he has left far behind the troubles of whatever world he came from. Other than that, there was nothing else to be seen, and the sarcophagus ran slowly around the ground. There was a heavy, almost oily gas surging slowly-at first, Arthur thought it was just to create a gloomy atmosphere for the place, but then he realized His ankles were frozen by the gas. The sarcophagus itself felt unusually cold. Ford suddenly squatted down on a sarcophagus beside them, pulled a corner of his towel from his small backpack, and began to wipe something violently. "Look, there's a plaque on this coffin," he explained to Arthur. "It's covered in frost." He wiped the frost off and began to make out the words carved into it. To Arthur, they were like the footprints of a spider after it had come out in the night. But Ford Persistently identifying this early writing form of the Milky Way. It said,metal trim manufacturers, 'Golgafrincham Ark Fleet, Ship B, Cargo Bay 7, Second-Class Telephone Sterilizer'-and then a set of numbers. "A man who disinfects telephones?" Arthur said, "a dead phone sterilizer." "A dead phone sterilizer is the best phone sterilizer!" "But what is he doing here?" Ford peered through the lid of the sarcophagus at the man inside. He said, asking suddenly with a toothy grin; a smile that was always enough to make others think he was the closest. He was a little exhausted and deserved a good rest: he rushed to another sarcophagus and after a towel,aluminium tile trim profiles, he announced, "This man is a dead hairdresser." Oh! Next comes the sarcophagus, the final resting place of an advertising account executive, and next comes a check that reaches into the ground, waiting for a salesperson. Cha Hatch caught Ford's interest. He crouched down, trying to open it, and at the same time to disperse the frozen gas that had almost begun to envelop him. Then an idea came to me. "If these are just coffins," he said, "why are they cryogenically preserved?" "Rather, why keep the coffins?" Said Photo, finally pulling open the hatch. The gas began to sink towards the mouth of the cave. Seriously, why would there be? Do people have to spend so much energy and expense to transport five thousand corpses in space? "Ten thousand, stainless steel tile edging ,aluminium edge trim," said Arthur, pointing to the archway, through which another room could be seen dimly. Ford plunged his head into the hatch on the ground and lifted it again. Fifteen thousand! He said, "There's a lot more down there." "15000000." Said a voice. "That's a lot," said Ford. "That's a lot." "Turn around slowly," the voice shouted. "Put your hands up.". If you dare to move, I will blow you to pieces. "Hello?" As he spoke, Ford slowly turned around, raised his hands, and then nothing more. "Why," said Arthur Dent, "would anyone not like to see us?" The man, who did not like to see them, stood by the door by which they had entered the cellar, and could only see an outline. Part of his displeasure was through shouting. The threat of shouting was conveyed by their brandishing a long silver vaporizer gun, whose designer had apparently been instructed to take as seriously as possible. Stay with this job. Make it evil, "he was told," and be able to clearly distinguish between the right end and the wrong end. Let stand in Anyone on the wrong end of the spectrum clearly understands how bad what is about to happen to them is. If that means putting nails, spikes, and Dark little parts, then: this is not a gun to hang over the fireplace or stick in the umbrella stand, this is a gun to take out and make people miserable. Ford and Arthur stared at the gun, and of course they were not happy. The man with the gun came from the door and began to circle around them. When he came to the light, they saw that he was dressed in black and gold. The buttons on the matching uniforms were so polished that they shone bright enough to make an approaching motorist angrily flash his headlights in protest. He gestured toward the door. Outside He said. For such a person who can burst into such fierce fire, no verbs need to be used at all. Ford and Arthur went out, Followed by the wrong end of the vaporizer gun and those buttons. As soon as they returned to the corridor, they were pushed by twenty-four oncoming joggers. These guys are showered and changed by now, joggers. Rush past them and into the cellar. Arthur looked back at them in bewilderment. Go Cried their captor. Arthur had to move on. Ford shrugged his shoulders and walked forward. In the cellar, the jogging guys came to the twenty-four empty sarcophagi beside the wall, opened the lid, climbed in, and began twenty-four dreamless sleeps. Chapter 24 "Well, Captain.." "What is it, number one?" "There is something like a report from number two." "Oh, my God!" Standing high on the bridge of the ship, the captain looked out at the infinite space and felt a little angry. He was lying under a broad hemispherical bubble, Ahead and above is a vast panorama of the sky above which the stars are moving-a panorama that has become much more sparse during the voyage. Turn around and look back, Yue As he passed the huge ship,stainless tile trim, which was two miles long, he could see the much denser cluster of stars behind them, which seemed to form almost a solid ribbon. This is from.