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Raising animals to become imperial concubines (Jiuzhong Palace)

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    August 28, 2022 10:48 PM EDT

    The wisps of ambergris went straight into his nose, and just smelling the fragrance, Xi Xizhi became more and more sleepy. He raised his paws to cover his mouth, yawned twice, his small eyes half narrowed, and his watery eyes softened half of his heart. An Honghan couldn't help fondling his hair. "What have you done secretly recently? How can you yawn every day?" As if complaining, Xi Xizhi stared at him with wide, round eyes. Isn't it with you every day from morning till night? Did it do something else secretly, and you didn't know it all in your heart? Lying in the bosom of an Honghan, Xi Xizhi was too lazy to move and let an Honghan hold him into the bath pool. The warm pool water is bubbling, the gurgling sound is floating back, and the mist is curling around the pool water, forming a dreamlike picture scroll. At the beginning of raising mink, An Honghan was worried about its poor water quality, in case it drowned carelessly and lost its life. But after several months of getting along, every time he saw the mink swimming and swimming happily, An Honghan gradually relaxed his vigilance. With the recent increase in government affairs, An Honghan can't relax every day, and now he feels very tired. Close your eyelids and take a nap half against the pool. Xi Xizhi floated on the surface of the water like a corpse, his long white hair floating in disorder. Xi Xizhi relaxed, half of his body floated on the surface of the water and slept with his eyes closed. The water temperature was moderate, so he would not feel cold at all. When Xi Xizhi was about to fall asleep, his body suddenly burned like a fire, his body temperature gradually rose, and the water surface centered on the mink was like boiling hot water, with bubbles crackling. Xi Xizhi was so frightened that he opened his eyes in an instant, and his body seemed to explode, and the mink's veins stood out and were clearly visible. Xi Xizhi had never seen such a situation before,Stainless Steel Industrial Pipe, and his whole body was so painful that he rolled in the water. In an instant, the body seemed to hurt to the maximum, and the mink squeaked and cried out in pain. Also at this time, an Honghan's eyelids immediately opened. And above the water, everything is calm again. The original location of the mink, in addition to gradually rising bubbles, there is nothing else. An Honghan frowned at first and then shouted, "Come out for me. Don't sneak out every time I close my eyes. You're dirty all over. You have to soak up before you can go to bed." The magnetism floats in the temple, then forms the echo, and then transmits back. And the quiet bath pool, there is no sound. An Honghan stood up from the water without hearing the imaginary chirp of the mink. Drops of water across the firm chest, perfect display. He raised his sharp eyes and looked around to see where the mink would hide. Under the water, Xi Xizhi was in shock, so that she did not listen to a word that An Honghan had just said. After the pain all over, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, Xi Xizhi clearly felt the change of his whole body. Incredibly raised his hands, it is indeed a pair of hands belonging to people, although only the size of lotus root, but this absolutely can not constitute the possibility of Xi Xi's eyes. Long silver hair at the waist, suspended in the water, floating. A little girl, naked all over her body, curled up and floated in the water in the posture of a baby in the womb. Xi Xizhi raised his right hand and pinched his left arm until there was a pain in his fat arm. Xi Xizhi really dared to believe the scene in front of him. She. Transformed into human form. Although it is only a child of seven or eight years old, it is also a human appearance. Just when she was happy, a hairy silver-white object suddenly floated in front of her eyes. She grabbed the thing doubtfully, and as soon as she touched the soft hair, she realized it was a tail! And it was none other than the tail of some mink. Xi Xizhi followed the tail and touched the back of his little buttocks, sadly confirming the fact. This is not the worst thing, Xi Xizhi touched his head, what happened to the two hairy ears on his head! God, just playing with her? If she wants to change, she should become a little more thorough. She is half human and half animal. How can she go out to see people! Xi Xizhi was about to curse God for not having eyes when suddenly there was an explosion above his head. "I know you're hiding in the water. If you don't come out again, be careful that I'll send you to the imperial kitchen tomorrow and peel you for a spoon." Xi Xizhi's heart trembled with fear, and when he was thinking about whether to go out in this way, a layer of glittering light suddenly appeared on the surface of his body. She couldn't figure out what was going on, blinked doubtfully, and then, without expectation, her strength was exhausted, and her body turned back into a furry mink in an instant. Tiredness swept over him, and his body, which had been at the bottom of the water for a long time, suddenly cramped and could not move, fell straight into the depths of the pool. Xi Xizhi's consciousness still existed, and when he saw the scene, he was so frightened that he cried out. As soon as I opened my mouth, I choked a mouthful of water and coughed badly. This transformation is too unstable, just a few seconds after the transformation, and suddenly changed back. If she accidentally transforms in front of people, won't she be regarded as a monster? What's worse is that they may be burned alive. When an Honghan saw that something was wrong, he immediately bent down and put his head into the water. The pool was more than one meter deep, and just standing at the height of An Honghan, the water in the pool just covered his waist. He dived under the water and immediately saw the cramp mink falling to the bottom of the pool in the distance. The heart was so frightened that it beat wildly. An Honghan moved very quickly, stretched his arm, and caught the fat white ball steadily. Xi Xizhi was already in a semi-comatose state, thinking in his mind, as if every transformation was extremely exhausting. After such a while, Xi Xizhi was too tired to open his eyelids. However One mystery has finally been solved. That's why Xi Xizhi is always sleepy these days! When Xi Xizhi was so tired that he fell asleep, a group of people were worried. When An Honghan picked up the mink, he saw that it had closed its eyes tightly. He was so anxious that he ignored all the images. Holding the mink in his arms, he took the robe hanging on the screen,304 stainless steel wire, put it on his body at will, and rushed out of the bath pool. "Go and call old man Xu to me," he shouted to Lynn. 。