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    August 28, 2022 10:48 PM EDT

    How could Meng Keer not notice Zijin Shenlong? She hated this ruffian dragon to the extreme, but now she had to face Chen Nan in the front and had no time to control the flying sword, so she had to chop it hard and take it back after the last stroke. After that, the jade lotus petals were urged to rotate towards Chen Nan, and the colorful light was dazzling, illuminating the whole valley. When "" The long knife collided with a piece of jade lotus petal, sending out a metallic sound like a shock to heaven and earth, and the sound went straight up to the sky. This time, Chen Nan did not collide with Meng Keer's jade lotus braid through the long knife. Son is the use of "sticky" formula, the powerful force carried by the long knife is all restrained, contained in the body of the knife, the long knife breaks through layers of colorful light fog, sticks up, and collides with the jade lotus petals. Because he knew that the monk's primordial spirit was inextricably linked with his magic weapon, and if he could break through his magic weapon, his body would suffer trauma. Although Meng Keer practices both martial arts and Taoism, she is, after all, half a Taoist. Moreover, the magical power she is using now is the Taoist art of controlling things. If she can cause some damage to the jade lotus petals, then her primordial spirit will definitely be shaken by Taoism. But the jade lotus petal is like jade, not jade. It is the lotus petal on the Taoist treasure jade lotus platform. It is difficult for ordinary swords to damage it. Even a master as strong as the fourth rank can't destroy it at all. Shocking metal, deafening, Chen Nan's tiger's mouth was cracked,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, his body's True Qi rushed up violently, the impact of his almost cried out, blood overflowed along the corners of his mouth. The body was impacted and flew more than ten feet away. Meng Keer was not much affected, she quickly took back the lotus petal, run the magic power, the second jade lotus petal impact away. It is only a few Zhang yuan away from Chen Nan. But at this moment, her face suddenly turned a little pale, and she quickly stabilized her mind and quickly adjusted her breath. However,304 Stainless Steel Wire, such a delay, the power of the second piece of jade lotus petal is obviously weak on a few minutes, Chen Nan with a long knife oblique split, immediately hit it out, and he himself did not go up several times as a shock. This time, after he hit the jade lotus petal with great strength, he quickly stabilized his body. Chen Nan was suspicious for a while. Could it be that ten people had just attacked the jade lotus petals with all their strength. Make Meng Keer's primordial spirit suffer a little shock? But it doesn't look like much. Dream Keer has recovered at the moment, a pair of bright eyes with endless killing, coldly staring at Chen Nan, the vitality of heaven and earth in the vicinity of violent fluctuations, it can be seen that she is gathering strength, ready to kill. Chen Nan was shocked. Dream Keer's strength is too terrible, even if her body is not sealed with a terrible force, I am afraid that its cultivation has already reached the four-level intermediate realm, or even higher. It's just that she seems to be unwilling or unable to use all her strength to deal with him every time, which has always been a strange place for him. You have power, but you can't do whatever you want. But after all, Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, she really has a terrible strength, rumors that she is one of the top ten young masters in the mainland, it is true. The energy in the air fluctuated more and more violently, Meng Keer's body shone brightly, Yuliantai suddenly emerged at her feet, and she floated down in the air. It's different from the past. This time, Meng Keer, who controls the Jade Lotus Terrace, is full of great power. A terrible force surges in the air. In this moment, the surviving tea trees in the distance suddenly burst into pieces and turned into sawdust. The light of the Jade Lotus Terrace was dazzling, and the remaining seven lotus petals on it also broke away and fluttered, emitting colorful light, and a sacred breath permeated the scene. Nine glittering and translucent lotus petals are flying around Meng Keer, and the colorful light shines in the sky, and the holy light is like a fairy fog. Vaguely, it seems that there are countless kinds of petals dancing around the dream of Keer, she stands in the void as if floating from the rain of flowers, tiny petals fluttering between nine huge lotus petals, the fragrance of flowers bursts, refreshing. "Ow.." What an awesome little girl! Hey, boy, why are you such a coward? Why are you running away? Zijin Shenlong found that Chen Nan rushed out of the valley without looking back. He followed him quickly and shouted at the top of his head: "Boy, you are so ashamed that you should run away!" "Idiot," said Chen Nan, "now she has unlocked the seal in her body once again. Her strength has almost climbed to the realm of a peerless master of the fifth rank. If she doesn't escape, she will die." "Ow.." Really unwilling ah, why this little Niangpi is so powerful ah! Dream Keer seems to be a little painful, his face flickering, but the power fluctuations are getting stronger and stronger, only eleven time can not chase Chen Nan, she seems to be trying to suppress something. Chen Nan grabbed the tail of Zijin Shenlong, followed it to fly down in the air, and rushed out of the valley quickly. He gasped: "I finally understand that she is not injured, but forced to suppress.". As long as we can avoid her next attack, we can easily catch or kill her when her terror power disappears after she is promoted to the fifth rank of peerless master, and we will survive for a certain period of time. Quick, land, don't fly high in the sky, go through the mountains, lest she find it easily. A man and a dragon rushed out of the valley, through the thorny jungle, into the primeval forest, and ran forward quickly. Whoo.. Is it really terrible? Is this little girl really that horrible? Chen Nan replied, "Of course, if the seal in her body is broken and her strength is raised to the realm of the fifth rank, not to mention you and me, even if there are ten more masters of the fourth rank, I'm afraid they are no match for her.". Now I finally know, she was sealed again and again by the power of the bite, the body of the injury has been very serious, but she was forced to suppress the secret method. But this suppression is not the way, once the outbreak,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, the injury will be more serious. "Ow.." In that case, I escaped from her hands, and she did not deliberately set up a killing game. She really had an attack at that time. 。