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The reborn daughter-in-law dressed as a mother-in-law

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    August 28, 2022 10:48 PM EDT

    "I have to blame Aunt Qin for this. If she hadn't cooked the spareribs in soy sauce so delicious, she wouldn't have attracted the attention of the thieves, so I didn't have a good taste." "Well, well, it's all my aunt's fault.". "Eat more today, you little girl. It's enough. It's all right." "Cheng." Zhao Qingru smiled brightly. To be fair, Aunt Qin's sauce spareribs, even if they are delicious, are just ordinary home-cooked dishes. The reason why Zhao Qingru can not forget so much, in addition to the raw materials are native pork and firewood big iron pot earth stove fire, there is another main reason. At that time, every household was not very well-off, and such things as meat and eggs had to be limited by tickets. Rao is Zhao Qingru, no matter how delicious and precious the ingredients have been enjoyed, but also can not stand the new small body has been eating for a long time to help the Chinese cabbage, is greedy. When Liang Weimin passed by Aunt Qin's house, he couldn't help sniffing his nose because he was attracted by the fragrance of spareribs in soy sauce in the courtyard. He secretly said, "It's really fragrant.". Habitually looked at the gate of the courtyard that had not been closed, and happened to see the smiling Zhao Qingru sitting in the courtyard, and his eyes widened. This is the big girl who came out of nowhere. She is young and handsome,brushed stainless steel sheet, and she looks even better when she smiles. Immediately, Liang Weimin was itching to see it in his heart. Aunt Qin, is Chuanzi at home? Liang Weimin stood at the gate of the courtyard, slightly adjusted his clothes, lifted his feet up the stone steps, and came in. Zhao Qingru has always been very sensitive to changes in the surrounding environment, not to mention that even without Zhao Qingru,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, there is still a Wang Nan. Although it was not very clear who the man who suddenly appeared in front of him was, he could already guess what he wanted to do in his heart. "If you look at Zhao Qingru, it's comparable to Chi/Han. If you can't see it again, you're either a fool or a blind man." It's Wei Min. My husband went to the town to buy fertilizer. What's the matter with you? "It's nothing. I just want to come over and ask about the corn seeds. Do you want the corn seeds or not?" Corn seed?! Zhao Qingru's heart somehow suddenly missed a beat. It's just the GM corn seed. It turns out that there is a guest in the house. Hello, this girl. My name is Liang Weimin. I have a college degree. I am the current secretary of Liang Gulou Village. Liang Weimin stretched out his hand and wanted to take the opportunity of shaking hands to get close to him. Who ever thought Zhao Qingru dodged without a trace, Wang Nan is a direct sideways, blocked between Liang Weimin and Zhao Qingru. Hello, Liangcun Zhishu. My surname is Wang. This is my sister. Wang Nan grabbed Liang Weimin's outstretched claw and held it hard. Liang Weimin's face turned red in an instant. Aunt Qin, what kind of corn? Zhao Qingru just thought she didn't see it and turned her head curiously to look at Aunt Qin. That corn seed. "That corn seed is a high-quality seed from the Atlantic coast of the United States, which I managed to get from my relatives in Xiangjiang.". The growth rate is fast, the yield is high and it is not easy to have pests and diseases. At the mention of these corn seeds, Liang Weimin seemed to open the conversation box at once, and did not give Aunt Qin a chance to speak at all, so he introduced them in one breath. If it's so good, Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe ,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, why don't you see our country importing it? Zhao Qingru, with her delicate/tender face, which looked several years younger than her actual age, looked ignorant. If the country wants to import and then promote it in an all-round way, there must be a process. Liang Weimin answered very simply. Did you plant the corn? Good things on the other side of the ocean, adapted to the United States, may not be suitable for our side. Didn't our ancestors say, 'When an orange is born in Huainan, it is an orange; when it is born in Huaibei, it is a trifoliate orange'. And now it's the end of July. I'm afraid it's too late to sow. Liang Weimin came to mention the matter of corn planting, which was originally an excuse, thinking of taking this opportunity to meet the beauty who made his heart itch. But Liang Weimin was really not afraid of this excuse being exposed on the spot. There are indeed corn seeds, and I really want to find a few families who have a good relationship on weekdays to plant this new variety together. Right, right, right, that's the reason. So my old Qin is also hesitating. One side of the Qin family aunt did not see anything wrong with Liang Weimin, after all, in front of the Qin family aunt, some people still have to carry their own village branch secretary's shelf. No wonder, looking at this area within a radius of dozens of miles, which village party secretary has such a high degree as Liang Weimin, young and promising, and good-looking talent? "After all, it's a young girl. I don't understand.". This corn seed from the United States also has strong cold resistance. I'm not afraid to be a little late. PALAPALA…… Had it not been for the fact that Chuanzi grew up wearing a pair of trousers, I would not have kept this planting quota. Oh, I can't believe.. Liang Weimin looked at Aunt Qin in a rather regretful tone. I said Liang Weimin, you and Chuanzi grew up wearing a pair of trousers, is it not with our family Dahe? Liang Weimin's voice had not yet fallen when he saw a middle-aged woman who looked about the same age as Aunt Qin, twisting the waist of a water snake and coming in. Sister-in-law. Aunt Qin nodded to the man. Qin's sister-in-law habitually looked around the yard, did not see what she wanted to see, then turned her head sideways and looked up and down at Zhao Qingru and Wang Nan, quickly weighing the price of the two young girls standing in front of her. Although there was a trace of surprise at the beauty of the younger one, looking at the clothes of the two people, I had a general judgment. Qin's sister-in-law turned her attention back to Liang Weimin. Seeing that Liang Weimin didn't say anything, she continued to question him very politely: "I said, Liang Weemin, you can't be too partial." "I can't." Liang Weimin in the face of the Qin family sister-in-law so questioned, also can only Hei Hei a smile, hurriedly round the past, "your family that husband, my big river brother is not at home.". I thought Dachuan was at home, so I came to ask. If your family really wants to plant, how can I not be happy?! It's just that, as you know,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, there aren't many seeds. All right, I know your seed is precious. I don't want more from you. You must give me an acre of land! "An acre?"? Sister-in-law, you're not really going to plant that corn. If.. 。