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Model of degassing unit

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    July 26, 2022 2:55 AM EDT

    degassing unit are brushed with boron nitride on the surface and are used for aluminum sheet casting.

    degassing unit for aluminum alloy casting and rolling mill, including fixtures and nozzle parts. The casting nozzle parts are set inside the fixture. There are two sets of casting nozzle parts which are arranged next to each other in the width direction of the fixture, forming a multiple degassing unit structure.

    Each set of nozzle components includes the nozzle upper fan, the nozzle lower fan, the left side plate, the right side plate, the bottom plate and the wedge-shaped shunt block, and the left and right plates are deployed along the width of the fixture.

    The right side plate of the previous nozzle part is next to the left side plate of the next nozzle part, which constitutes the isolation structure between the nozzle parts; each set of nozzle parts is provided between the left side plate and the right side plate. A wedge-shaped shunt block, and the middle section of the bottom plate of each nozzle part is provided with a channel as the only melt inlet for the melt to enter the inner cavity of the nozzle part.

    The influence of the internal flow structure of the degassing unit on the flow field and temperature field of the aluminum alloy melt in the cavity.

    A large number of shunt blocks will help to form a uniform flow field and temperature field in the nozzle cavity.

    According to the simulation results, the internal structure of the casting nozzle was improved, so that the flow field and temperature field of the metal melt were evenly distributed, and high-quality aluminum alloy cast-rolled plates were obtained.

    In the double-roll aluminum strip casting and rolling process, the temperature of the front box aluminum melt has an important influence on the flow properties of the molten metal in the nozzle cavity, the casting speed and the quality of the aluminum strip, and the front box aluminum melt The basic basis of the body temperature is the energy loss of the melt in the nozzle cavity. At present, the temperature of the front box aluminum liquid in the production of double-roll cast-rolling aluminum strip is mainly determined by experience or a large number of experiments.

    degassing unit are made of ceramic fiber and a variety of other materials, which have the advantages of good elasticity, no deformation, and long use time. Its special process can effectively prevent molten aluminum from eroding the casting nozzle and avoid carbonization; the fracture structure is a fine and uniform layered fiber structure to prevent the existence of flocculent structures; the coating on the working surface is uniform and smooth to prevent granular cracks And the occurrence of coating shedding phenomenon provides guarantee for high-quality cast-rolled board.