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The Best Juicers

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    April 22, 2022 10:38 PM EDT

    If you're excited about the idea of fresh fruit juice on a hot summer day, or tasty mixers for our favorite cocktails, and/or a way to use up extra seasonal produce, then you may want to consider picking up a juicer.To get more news about juicing dragon fruit, you can visit official website.

    While the upfront cost of juicing at home is significant, it might end up saving you money in the long run, especially if juice bars keep selling their bottles for over $10. To help you find the best juicer for your needs, we put the squeeze on six popular models. Here’s what we found.
    The Omega consistently extracted the most juice out of all the machines, and its modular design made it easier to store and take apart. It was also able to crush fibrous ginger and beets easily, without any squeaking noises.

    In addition to extracting a good amount of juice and dry pulp, the NutriBullet’s food chute, pulp collector, and blades are stacked on top of each other, which makes it easier to clean. It was also the quietest of the three centrifugal juicers we tested.

    If you’re not ready to spend more than $70 on a juicer but want to play around with juicing at home, this Hamilton Beach model is the one to get. It did a fair job in our tests, although sometimes the motor can make the whole machine jolt a little bit since it’s made of plastic. An added benefit: It's dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to spend all your time handwashing the parts.

    What Makes a Good Juicer?
    A good juicer should extract the most juice from an ingredient without compromising taste. That means it should be able to draw out the flavor of the fruit or vegetable without pulp, fiber, or skins getting in the way. For dry and dense veggies like beets and kale, the juicer should blast through them without clogging. For wet and soft fruits like melon and berries, the pulp should hold together and not splatter everywhere. As for the final product, we prefer juices that have a translucent, uniform color without any unpleasant foam.

    From a user perspective, we’re looking for a machine that’s intuitive and quick to put together and take apart for easy cleaning. We’re also looking at value: will buying this machine save you money from going to the corner juice bar in the long run?