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Paper bags, sacks and packaging

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    February 25, 2022 9:39 PM EST

    Paper bags, sacks and packaging

    Paper bags, sacks and packaging are made of paper, typically combined with other materials such as laminate or foil, which improve the product properties, chiefly its strength and water resistance. Processes that use combinations of these materials also enable high-quality printing, making the paper bags and various paper packaging attractive to the end user.Get more news about paper bag machine,you can vist our website!

    Single-wall paper bags

    Single-wall paper bags are most commonly used in shops. They include food bags, bread bags, and recyclable (brown) bags. They are all made from a single layer of paper and can be printed on. The manufacturer's or vendor's logo is the most common theme.

    Single-wall bags are not water-resistant, but they can be laminated, for example.

    Multi-wall paper packaging (sacks)

    Multi-wall paper packaging is made from multiple layers of sack paper. Sacks made from it are very strong and typically intended for transporting larger volumes. Typical examples are bags for cement, animal fodder, larger packs of food such as sugar, flour, and so on.

    Bag bottom shape

    Paper bags were handmade, only by gluing the side walls together, until 1870. Bags were improved by using a flat rectangular bottom and a bag-making machine. At present, bags are made with various bottom shapes depending on their use: rectangular, square, or hexagonal. The cone is a special paper bag shape, mostly used in the food industry.

    Materials for making paper bags

    Paper, foil or paper with foil are the basic materials for making paper bags and packaging. The process of making the final shape of the paper bags - by gluing or fusion - is chosen depending on the material used.

    Combinations with other materials are used to modify the paper bag's properties, especially to improve its strength and water resistance.

    Sack paper

    Sack paper is used for larger paper bags and packaging, especially for multi-wall paper packaging such as paper sacks as well as shopping bags, etc.

    Sack paper is made of softwood cellulose. Microcrepping is used in the manufacturing process to make the material porous and elastic. The paper has to be both elastic and strong. Sack paper can be coated with polythene to increase its resistance to moisture or bacteria.

    Recycling paper bags

    Bags, shopping bags and sacks made of paper are fully recyclable. However, increased attention is required when disposing of products that combine paper with other materials.