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NFL suspends cameraman Dolphins Tyreek Hill announces hes coveri

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    March 14, 2024 5:37 AM EDT

    is paying out of his own pocket to help an cameraman who was disciplined as a result of his recent viral touchdown celebration. Kevin Fitzgibbons, 20, revealed this week that he was suspended, and the wide receiver is going above and beyond to make things right.During a Week 6 game between the Dolphins Jack Del Rio Jersey and , Hill scored a touchdown and used Fitzgibbons' camera as a prop in his celebration as he nailed a standing backflip. The clip was a ma sive hit online, but Fitzgibbons was suspended for at least the rest of the season.On Thursday, Hill told reporters he would Paul Krause Jersey be paying Fitzgibbons' salary for the rest of the year, according to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald. Tyreek Hill said he's paying salary of cameraman who was suspended by league for season for partaking in cell phone photo of Tyreek back-flip after TD. They have prior Korey Stringer Jersey good relationship Barry Jackson (@flasportsbuzz) This comes after Fitzgibbons made a video explaining his side of the story. Fitzgibbons said he was thankful for his time working with the NFL, but he was frustrated by such a stiff punishment, especially since the league showed the clip on its social media platforms."They said regardle s if I knew the celebration was coming or not, I still had to be disciplined and that I shouldn't have jumped on the sidelines after the play," Fitzgibbons said. "One of the best moments of my life turned upside down in Mackensie Alexander Jersey a matter of seconds. I get why the NFL had to make this decision and wish I could've done something to prevent it, but I'm thankful for the memory Tyreek gave me." Fitzgibbons also stated that he actually met Hill previously, and the two were close following the star wideout's trade to the Troy Dye Jersey Dolphins in 2022. Now, Hill is making sure his friend is taken care of after the NFL's controversial decision