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Winners and losers from Tom Bradys retirement plus one free agen

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    March 14, 2024 5:23 AM EDT

    Welcome to the Thursday edition of the Pick Six newsletter!It's Groundhog Day and we all know what that means: if the groundhog sees his shadow, will be coming out of retirement in six weeks. That's what happened last year, so I'm just going to a sume that's how things are also going to play out this year.Speaking of Brady, we'll have more coverage of him today. I mean, the man played in the NFL for 23 years, so the least we can do is give his retirement announcement two full days of coverage. Besides Brady, we'll also be taking a look at a 56-year QB curse that might break this year and going over the details for the first night of the Pro Bowl skills competition since that will be kicking off tonight.As always, here's your weekly reminder to tell all your friends to sign up for the Pick Six newsletter. To get your friends to sign Kenny Pickett Jersey up, all you have to do iswith them.If you're going to listen to just one episode of the Pick Six podcast every week, then you should definitely make sure that you're listening every Thursday, because that's when Brady Quinn joins the show. For today's episode, the former first-round pick chatted with Will Brinson about multiple topics. With Brady now retired, Brinson and Quinn broke Brady's career down into three different segments and debated which one was the most impre sive and which one Brady probably enjoyed the most. Segment 1: 2001-07Super Bowl record: 3-0 (If he retired in 2007, he would have had the third most Super Bowl wins in NFL history)Total wins: 86TD pa ses: 197Pa sing yards: 26,364Segment 2: 2008-14Super Bowl record: 1-2Total wins: 74TD pa ses: 195Pa sing yards: 26,812Segment 3: 2015-22Super Bowl record: 3-1Total wins: 91 (This number would be tied for 32nd on the all-time wins list)TD pa ses: 257 (This number would rank 21st on the all-time TD pa s list)Pa sing yards: 35,956 (This number would rank 30th on the all-time pa sing yards list)Quinn said the first segment of Brady's career was probably the most impre sive, just because he came out of nowhere to win those Super Bowls. Quinn also mentioned that Brady probably was able to enjoy the early title runs a little more since he wasn't one of the most famous athletes in the world just yet."I think I'd go with the early one, in part, because he probably had more fun," Quinn said. "The photos of Tom Brady back then, he was not eating avocado ice cream. He was younger. At that time in your life, you can really reap the benefits of your succe s. I'm not saying you can't as you get older on the backend, which I'm sure is incredibly gratifying, but winning in your mid-to-late 20s, that's the perfect time." If you want to hear Quinn's full thoughts on Brady's career -- and everything else the two guys talked about on today's podcast -- then . You can .It has now been 24 hours since Tom Brady's retirement, and after taking some time to digest everything that happened, the NFL team here pumped out even more Tom Brady content because you can never have enough Tom Brady content.Bryan DeArdo took a look at the winners and losers of Brady's retirement and here's the list he came up with: WINNERSTom Brady.Pro Football Hall of Fame. Every team in the NFC besides Tampa Bay.LOSERS. . NFL fans. If you want to check out the full list of winners and losers, . Even if you don't click over, you're still a winner in my book, and one of the reasons you're a winner is because you get more Brady content here.Cody Benjamin took a look at the ripple effects of Brady's retirement. (You .)DeArdo listed the Buccaneers as a loser and then .If you're wondering what Brady's record is against each NFL team, we .If you want to know what Brady's favorite Super Bowl win was, he actually answered that question once and . (Spoiler alert: It was NOT the 28-3 comeback against the .)Finally, don't be surprised if Brady officially retires with the . Owner Robert Kraft with the Patriots.Patrick Mahomes has a chance to do something this year that no other quarterback in NFL history has ever pulled off. If the beat the in Super Bowl Isaiahh Loudermilk Jersey LVII, Mahomes will end a 56-year QB curse, and the curse is pretty simple: No quarterback has ever led the league in pa sing yards AND won the Super Bowl in the same year. Mahomes finished the 2022 season with 5,250 pa sing yards, which not only led the NFL, but was more than 500 yards higher than his next closest competitor ( threw for 4,739).With prolific pa sers like Tom Brady, and Drew Brees dominating the NFL over the past 20 years, it seems almost impo sible that none of them have led the league in pa sing yards in the the same year where they also won a Super Bowl, but that's exactly how things have played out.Over the past 56 years, only six quarterbacks have even MADE it to the Super Bowl in a season where they led the league in pa sing yards, and those quarterbacks have gone 0-6 in the big game. Here's a look at the list: 1984: Dan Marino (Lost Super Bowl XIX to )2001: Kurt Warner (Lost Super Bowl XXXVI to Patriots)2002: Rich Gannon (Lost Super Bowl XXXVII to Buccaneers)2007: Tom Brady (Lost Super Bowl XLII to )2013: Peyton Manning (Lost Super Bowl XLVIII to )2017: Tom Brady (Lost Super Bowl LII to Eagles)When the Chiefs won Super Bowl LIV against the 49ers, Mahomes mi sed two games during the regular season, so he didn't come close to leading the league in pa sing. This year, though, Mahomes has a chance to do something that's never been done.If you want to read more on Mahomes, , where Doug Clawson explains why a Super Bowl win over the Eagles could give Mahomes the most impre sive five-year streak of any QB in NFL history. Between now and the start of free agency on March 15, we're going to be talking a lot about what each team should do in free agency. Jordan Dajani started that today by going through all 32 teams and coming up with one free agent that they should look Minkah Fitzpatrick Jersey to sign this offseason. Here's a look at Dajani's suggestion for five different teams, and we're going to start off with a move that would shake up the NFL:Falcons: . Buccaneers: . Patriots: : . : .If you want to see Dajani's . The revamped Pro Bowl is being held over two days this year, and the action will be kicking off Thursday with several skill competitions in what the NFL is calling the Pro Bowl Games.Here's what you need to know if you plan on watching:Time:7-8:30 p.m. ETLocation:Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas)TV:ESPN |Stream:fuboTV ()If you do check things out, you're going to be watching several fascinating competitions. Here's a quick look at those: Dodgeball.The AFC will have a team of six offensive players going up against an offensive team from the NFC. The two conferences will also each have a team made up of only defensive players that will face off. The AFC's offensive team is pretty loaded with their six players being , , , , and . The NFC will counter that with , , , , Saquon Barkley and . You .Longest drive.This one is pretty simple: The AFC will have five players going up against five players from the NFC, and the team that drives a golf ball the farthest will win. and Matthew Judon headline the AFC team while the NFC team will include and Washington's .Precision pa sing.With this event, we're going to find out who the best QB at the Pro Bowl is. The AFC quarterbacks -- , and Derek Carr -- will be going up against the NFC quarterbacks, a group that includes , and .First round of the best catch competition. This is like the slam dunk contest, except for catching the ball. Everyone in this competition will be encouraged to show off their creativity, inventivene s and talent as they try to make the best catch.I will watch almost anything that involves football, so there's a 99% chance that I will at least check out some of this.It's been a busy 24 hours in the NFL, and since it's nearly impo sible to keep track of everything that happened, I went ahead and put together a roundup for you.49ers to move on from Garoppolo. It looks like Jimmy Garoppolo is definitely done in San Francisco. During a pre s conference Wednesday, Kyle Shanahan was asked Chris Wormley Jersey if there was a chance Garoppolo might return and slammed the door shut on that idea. "No, I don't see any scenario of that," Shanahan said. If you're wondering where Garoppolo might land, .Vic Fangio taking his talents to South Beach. It was reported over the weekend that Fangio was going to be the ' new defensive coordinator, but after going several days without signing a contract -- and with Fangio reportedly eyeing other teams -- no one was sure what was going to happen. However, the drama is now over. According , Fangio has let the Dolphins know that he plans to join their coaching staff as the defensive coordinator after the Super Bowl. (Fangio is currently working as a consultant for the Eagles, which is why he'll be waiting until after the Super Bowl.)Eagles player placed on Commi sioner Exempt List.Eagles offensive lineman has been indicted on one count of rape and one count of kidnapping for an incident that took place in 2019. With Sills in legal limbo, the NFL has , which e sentially means he can't participate in anything football-related until his legal situation is cleared up. Sills only saw action in one game this year, Terry Bradshaw Jersey and the move by the NFL means that he almost certainly won't be playing in the Super Bowl.Matt Rhule battling with overbuyout. When Rhule got fired by the Panthers in October, that put the team on the hook to pay him the rest of his remaining contract, which was $34 million. The contract did include an offset, though, so that the Panthers didn't have to pay him if he got hired somewhere else. Well, Rhule got hired by Nebraska and because of that, the Panthers are saying they don't owe him anything else. CBS Sports NFL Insider broke the news Wednesday that Rhule is taking the team to arbitration because he believes the franchise still owes him $5 million. It's an interesting story,.Arena League returning in 2024.This isn't NFL-related, but it is football-related. The AFL will return in 2024 after taking a five-year hiatus. The AFL's comeback season will feature 16 teams that will play a 10-game regular season during the summer in 2024. For more details on the AFL's return, .Bengals defensive coordinator interviews with .When the NFL offseason started, there were five open jobs, but now, we're down to the final two (Cardinals and ). While the Colts are busy holding second interviews with many candidates, the Cards are still interviewing candidates for the first time. One of those came Wednesday Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo. Besides Anarumo, the other candidates seem to be Brian Flores, Vance Joseph, Ejiro Evero and Aaron Glenn. The Cards are also planning to interview Bengals offensive coordinator Brian Callahan. If I had to gue s now, I'd say Flores is the favorite for the job due to his ties with new general manager Monti O senfort.If you want the latest updates on every coaching and GM interview being held this offseason, then be.