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Choubao Luosifen to Expand Business across the Supply Chain

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    November 13, 2022 9:54 PM EST

    Choubao Luosifen, a new Chinese luosifen or river snail rice noodles brand, recently announced that the company has reached a milestone in building its business presence across the supply chain.To get more news about luo si fen, you can visit shine news official website.

    Luosifen, a local traditional food originating in Liuzhou, China, has not only been well received throughout the domestic market, but has also been gaining popularity among consumers worldwide. According to the city of Liuzhou's customs office, exports of pre-packaged Luosifen, now sold in dozens of countries and regions worldwide, continued climbing during the first five months of 2022, accounting for 53% of all exports recorded for the whole of 2021.
    Choubao Luosifen has established long-term relationships with local snail and bamboo shoots farms to implement green, sustainable breeding protocols, with the aim of delivering both ecological and economic benefits. In addition, with the establishment of local snail noodles processing facilities, the company has attracted many talented technicians with extensive experience in the food sector, significantly enhancing the overall strength of its team.

    "The quality of product is key to achieving sustainable development for a company," said the general manager of Choubao Luosifen in an interview. "Huge potential and promising prospects are foreseen for the luosifen market. As a result, as a luosifen producer, we are proud to contribute to the market's growth."

    Choubao Luosifen has also collaborated with Jiangnan University to establish a Liuzhou Luosifen process innovation and scientific research center. The center is designed to protect and inherit the traditional methods for making luosifen by studying the characteristics of and key techniques for such rice noodles, including the production and fermentation processes, and the cultivation of beneficial bacterial colonies of sour bamboo shoots.
    In recent years, many Chinese-style convenience foods have also begun to become popular in the Chinese market, replacing shelves originally occupied by Japanese brands.

    However, there has never been a Chinese food that has grown as fast as Luosifen (螺蛳粉 , snail rice noodles). If you want to choose the protagonist of Chinese food in 2020, then Luosifen will certainly be elected.

    Five years ago, this kind of food could only be eaten in a small city in Guangxi Province, China. Five years later, annual sales of Luosifen have exceeded 10 billion yuan (about $1.5 billion).

    To sum into one sentence, Luosifen is only a kind of rice noodles with smelly snail-pig bone soup, but the success behind it is influenced by multiple factors such as history, culture, commerce, and taste.
    How popular is snail noodle?
    Before I introduce what Luosifen is and what it tastes like, I’d like to describe how popular Luosifen is this year.

    If you are a reader living in China, you can just skip this paragraph. Because both Chinese and foreigners living in China can feel how popular Luosifen has been in China in the past year.

    But for foreigners, we may need to repeat some news about Luosifen to illustrate this point.

    According to a report released by Liuzhou, the government of the origin of Luosifen, Liuzhou sold 10.56 billion yuan (About 1.603 billion dollars) instant Luosifen this year as of December 17, 2020. Considering that the price of a pack of instant Luosifen is about 20 yuan (about $3), it means 5.2 billion packets of instant Luosifen.

    The local Luosifen industry was worth only 500 million yuan (about $76 million) in 2015, meaning production of the food has increased 20-fold in the past five years.

    At the beginning of 2020, all brands and factories in this region produced an average of 2.5 million packets of instant Luosifen per day. But by September, the region produced an average of 3.25 million packets of Luosifen a day. But this still does not satisfy orders from online shopping sites.