Method For Making A Thread Of Knurled Rivet Nut

  • Today we will talk about the method and precautions for tapping the thread of the knurled rivet nut machine.

    When tapping blind hole threads or deep tapped holes, tapping safety chucks should be used to withstand the cutting force. The cutting force of the safety chuck must be adjusted according to the size of the tap to avoid breaking the taper or failing to tap.

    In the tapping stroke of the length of the tap cutting part, a uniform and appropriate pressure should be applied to the drill press feed handle to assist the tap to enter the bottom hole, to avoid pulling down the spindle due to the first few incomplete threads. Scratch the thread. When the calibration part enters the workpiece, the thread can be reliably screwed in for tapping, to avoid thinning the tooth profile.

    The choice of cutting speed The cutting speed of tapping is mainly determined according to the cutting material, tapping oil, tap pitch, thread pitch, and the depth of the threaded hole. Generally, the smaller the diameter of the tap is the relatively high speed, the larger the diameter of the tap is the relatively low speed, and the larger the pitch is the lower speed.

    Of course, the custom rivet nut also needs attention.