What Is The Production Process Of Rivet Nut Aluminium

  • We can see all kinds of fasteners around us, among these fasteners there is rivet nut aluminium . So what is the production process of rivet nut aluminium?

    The main production process of the nut is cold heading and tapping. The thread of the nut is processed with a tapping machine. Nowadays, the automatic nut tapping machine has a high degree of automation. When working, just put the nut blank in the hopper. Automatic feeding, automatic positioning, automatic clamping, automatic tapping, automatic unloading, one worker can operate multiple types of equipment at the same time, high production efficiency can significantly save labor costs! Of course, there is also equipment that integrates cold heading and tapping, directly from wire to cold heading to tapping, but the principle is the same.

    The screw and the nut are used together. The screw is an external thread, and the nut is an internal thread. We know that the external thread of the screw is processed by threading. The efficiency is very high and the cost is very low. But how is the thread of the nut processed? The thread is internal, so it can't be rubbed by thread rolling, and it can't be rolled by thread rolling.

    Of course, the production process of the stainless steel rivet nut is also the same.