Knurled Rivet Nut And Rivet

  • Fasteners can be seen everywhere in daily life, and knurled rivet nut is also a kind of fasteners. Fasteners include bolts, studs, screws, nuts, washers, and pins.

    The nut has an internally threaded hole. The shape is generally a flat hexagonal column, but also a flat square column or a flat cylinder. With bolts, studs, or machine screws, they are used to fasten and connect two parts to make them One piece whole.

    The rivet is a type of fastener composed of two parts, a head and a nail shaft, which are used to fasten and connect two parts (or components) with holes to make them into a whole. This type of connection is called rivet connection or riveting for short. It is a non-detachable link. Because if the two parts connected are separated, the rivets on the parts must be broken.

    Fastener product tolerance standards: specify the product size tolerances and geometric tolerances.

    Of course, we can also choose a custom rivet nut when we don’t know what rivet nut we need.