Wide Application Of Half Hex Rivet Nut

  • As we all know, half hex rivet nut means that half of its column is hexagonal and half is cylindrical, while the column of hex rivet nut is all hexagonal.

    Half hex rivet nut can strengthen the riveting effect of the rivet nut. It is mainly used for non-structural bearing bolt connection, such as the connection of interior parts of rail passenger cars, ships, etc. Its advantages are lightweight, no need to fix pallet nuts, and the back of the base material can still be used without operating space. The rivet nut can be decorated on a single thin plate, or two thin plates can be riveted together. It is also suitable for closed-shaped workpieces that can only be operated on one side. In addition, for workpieces that require screw and animal connections, light metal materials, steel The nut is a screw sleeve with a compact structure and convenient use. It is widely used in the connection of plates in various industries such as shipbuilding, vehicles, aviation, electrical appliances, meters, metal cabinets, elevators, etc. The operation method is reliable, beautiful, and low-consumption, and high-efficiency.

    The role of hex rivet nut is the same as half hex rivet nut, but the place of use is different.