Introduce The Riveting Of Rivet Nut Aluminium

  • We can see rivet nut aluminium for a long time around us, which shows that rivet nut aluminium is still very much used in our daily lives.

    A rivet nut is a type of fastener used to replace traditional hexagonal or square nuts. They are becoming more and more popular because they are very easy to install and stay in the panel, so they are not lost.

    The rivet nut is longitudinally compressed by the rivet screw to clamp the riveted object. During riveting, to ensure that the rivet nut is not damaged, it should be gently put in by hand, and the riveting must be perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. Before riveting, the screw on the riveting must be adjusted to 23 threads, and then the riveting nut should be screwed on. Riveted. In this way, each rivet nut can evenly bear the bearing capacity, thereby improving the fatigue resistance of the rivet nut and extending its useful life.

    The quality of the rivet nut should be known through the above understanding, but the quality of the stainless steel rivet nut is also very good.