Development Of Custom Rivet Nut

  • We need to use rivet nuts to install many things around us, and there are many types and models of rivet nuts, and some rivet nuts are not too many on the market, so we need custom rivet nut, and custom rivet nut can also save Go to a lot of trouble.

    Rivet nuts are designed to solve the shortcomings of thin metal plates and thin tube welded nuts, such as easy to melt, the base material is easy to weld and deform, and the internal thread is easy to slip. There are many types of rivet nuts. Commonly used are flat head / countersunk head / small countersunk head/hexagon head blind rivet nuts/hexagon head blind rivet nuts and blind holes of these specifications. At present, it has been widely used in sheet metal/sheet metal/chassis cabinets.

    The quality judgment of the surface treatment of the rivet nut is mainly to check whether the corrosion resistance of the rivet nut has been effectively improved and whether the increased range meets the expected requirements. Moreover, in the technology introduced in China, foreign drawings and material components can be provided to China, but as far as heat treatment is concerned, foreign countries are strictly confidential, and we have learned very little from it.

    With the development of time, my country's rivet nut technology will become more mature, and the quality of knurled rivet nut and another rivet nut will also get better and better.